Overland Storage Third Party Support and Maintenance

Overland Storage Post-Warranty Support you can trust

More than 1500 companies have partnered with Riverstone Technology for exceptional data center support. Between our affordable rates, high-level engineers, and guaranteed four hour response window, we make sure our customers are valued and their expectations are exceeded. Our attentive team of service representatives are knowledgeable on Overland Storage devices old and new, and work closely with our extensive network of engineers to ensure any and every issue is addressed in a timely manner. Best of all, our standard pricing averages 40% - 80% less than any Overland support contract. That’s another 10% more than other third party providers can offer!

Riverstone Technology is more than just another third party maintenance provider. We are a trusted advisor, and pride ourselves on ensuring the success of over 1500 data centers so all that’s left for our clients to do is focus on the continued success of their business. With us you get real people and our undivided attention, so you never feel like just another account number. 

Supported Overland Storage Devices:

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Dedicated Parts Depots
We have parts depots strategically positioned around the world for local delivery.
2000+ Companies Supported
You will join a network of over 2,000 companies Riverstone supports.
10,000+ Devices Under Coverage

We monitor and support over 10,000 devices world-wide.

2,000+ On-Site Expert Techs
We have more than 2,000 expert engineers ready to help when you need them.

What Customers Are Saying

"The way manufacturers make year 4 maintenance so prohibitively expensive...I have absolutely no problem cutting Dell and Brocade out of the picture in favor of third-party."

Senior Systems Architect
Health & Wellness
Tualatin, Oregon
"What did Kaylee fail to do that she could improve upon? With all due respect to professionalism. “NOT A DAMN THING!!!!” Kaylee was PERFECT!!!!"

IT Specialist
Government Agency
Arlington, Virginia
"Our lease with Cisco ended and the renewal contract they offered us was too expensive. With Riverstone we were able to save about $17,000!"

Software Engineer
Automotive Manufacturing
Macon, Georgia
"I’ll tell you, working with Kaylee – that’s the right move. I can’t speak highly enough about her customer responsiveness."

Customer Success Manager
Information Technology & Services
Sunnyvale, California
"It's been a wonderful experience having our storage systems supported by Riverstone Technology. The support has always been prompt and proactive in resolving issues. The shipment for any parts to be replaced is well within the ETA. I recommend them to anyone looking for professional support services on any of their hardware devices."

Infrastructure Lead
Marketing & Advertising
Sydney, Australia
"Riverstone’s response times were excellent and their flexibility to fit our budget constraints was very appreciated. If we require similar services going forward, I’m definitely going to be reaching out to Riverstone."

Director of IS Infrastructure
Visalia, California
"The savings provided by Riverstone third party support allow us to reallocate our IT budget for more important efforts. It’s money we can turn around and invest in new infrastructure to increase the services that we provide to our researchers."

Manager of Information Technology
Higher Education
New Jersey
"For anything that’s in production or mission-critical that we want to keep covered, Riverstone Technology is our premier provider."

Vice President of IT and Distribution
Consumer Goods
Carthage, Missouri
"HP wanted about $2,200 for a 1 year term while Riverstone came in at just $175 for 12 months of support on my ProLiant. It was a no-brainer."

Senior Director of IT
Morrisville, North Carolina
"Our support with HPE Nimble was ending but the renewal contract they offered us was about half of the initial purchase price of the system. With Riverstone we were able to save about $21,000."

IT Manager
Environmental Services
Seattle, Washington

    What Customers Are Saying

    "After talking to Dell, we saw Riverstone could cover us at much better price."

    Vice President of IT and Distribution
    Consumer Goods
    Carthage, Missouri
    "We have had a great experience with Riverstone. We are a small research unit with an older single Compellent array. Due to funds being tight, we sought 3rd party service support vendors and Riverstone has been great over the last few years."

    IT Manager
    Academic Institute
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    "Riverstone contacted me, got the appropriate details, and provided me with a detailed explanation and quote SAME DAY. I believe actually within an hour or less of my inquiry. Your competition took a full day and 3 days respectively."

    IT Specialist
    Government Agency
    Arlington, Virginia
    "When our HPE Nimble arrays hit EOL, we needed more time to strategize and decide what our next steps should be. Riverstone’s post-warranty support allowed us to do just that, giving us 2 more years to financially prepare for a hardware upgrade."

    Lead Information Technology Specialist (ITA)
    Government Agency, Financial Services
    Alexandria, Virginia
    "I’ll tell you, working with Kaylee – that’s the right move. I can’t speak highly enough about her customer responsiveness."

    Customer Success Manager
    Information Technology & Services
    Sunnyvale, California
    "Riverstone’s call-home monitoring feature was first and foremost. And secondly was price. Obviously we needed them to get aggressive because the attractiveness of our previous provider was their price point. So we were able to get close enough in price to where that made Riverstone stand out as well. Finally, my service rep’s been great during the onboarding process and very communicative. So all in all that led us to say, hey let’s give you guys a whirl versus going down the extremely challenging, frustrating path of [COMPETITOR]."

    Vice President of Information Technology
    Real Estate
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    "I’ve never even had to call in on the main support line! I always just email Brad and say ‘Hey I’ve got a hard drive out,’ and he’s like ‘No problem! I’ll take care of it, when do you want it?’""

    Vice President of IT and Dsitribution
    Consumer Goods
    Carthage, Missouri
    "The experience I’ve had with Riverstone…I would say they go above and beyond. They’re very quick in responding, and they just take care of what needs to be replaced."

    Assistant IT Director
    Government Administration
    Watkinsville, Georgia
    "Being new to both third party support and Riverstone as an organization, I was initially a bit skeptical. But after learning a little bit more about their company–along with the low pricing and extended support capabilities–I felt extremely comfortable moving forward with them."

    Senior Director of IT
    Morrisville, North Carolina
    "Between our 2 Brocade switches, 2 Dell switches, and 4 Dell servers we were looking at around $10,000 for year 4 maintenance! And given that everybody’s running a little tight right now, I figured it was time to see what third-party options were out there."

    Senior Systems Architect
    Health & Wellness
    Tualatin, Oregon

      Overland Storage Third Party Maintenance

      Riverstone has a highly-trained team of certified engineers at the ready to troubleshoot any Overland Storage system issues. Our Overland third party support team is uniquely qualified to serve you after your support contract runs out to continuously protect against downtime, permit scales on demand, and quickly adapt to any changing business needs. Furthermore, our support services enable organizations to cut the time, cost, and risk of managing enterprise storage. You don't have to buy new to reap the benefits of manufacturer offerings anymore – prolong the life of your IT assets and increase your return on capital investments today!

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      Dell EMC's Compellent enterprise data storage arrays deliver high performance with fewer drives, power, and space. Riverstone Technology is a leading provider of high-quality Compellent support, maintenance, and extended warranties. Riverstone Technology has elite level engineers that have decades of experience with Dell Compellent devices. Don't sacrifice your coverage and peace of mind because Dell has you stuck in a refresh cycle. Leverage our engineering team at a competitive price to extend the life of your Dell Compellent devices.

      Supported Compellent Devices:

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      Understanding EOSL - Extend Your Overland Storage Support

      Don't let support lapse on your Overland Storage device! Just because Overland has deemed your system End of Service Life (EOSL) and has withdrawn support doesn't mean it's time for a costly upgrade. Most devices can function anywhere from 5 – 10 years beyond EOSL permitting the equipment is properly supported and maintained. This could go a long way in helping to postpone costly upgrades, reduce TCO, and improve ROI. Riverstone Technology can seamlessly pick up support to keep your device covered for years after being abandoned by Overland. The key to retaining your infrastructure for as long as possible is knowing in advance which devices will require ongoing maintenance and when. Stay on top of your warranty coverage and check out Riverstone’s Overland Storage EOSL database today!

      EOSL Overland Storage Products

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      • Global Coverage

        We can service your equipment no matter where your data center is located.

      • Certified Engineers

        Our certified support engineers will hold your hand through any issues that arise.


        Our Standard pricing averages 80% less than most manufacturers for support services.

      • On-site Engineers

        We employ and contract 2000+ engineers throughout most major cities worldwide.

      • 4 Hour Response Time

        Gain access to a certified engineer within 4 hours of issue.

      • Flexible Support Packages

        We understand your data center environment and response needs are unique. We have service level packages for everyone’s needs.