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More than 1500 companies have partnered with Riverstone Technology for exceptional data center support. Between our affordable rates, high-level engineers, and guaranteed four hour response window, we make sure our customers are valued and their expectations are exceeded. Our attentive team of service representatives are knowledgeable on HP devices old and new, and work closely with our extensive network of engineers to ensure any and every issue is addressed in a timely manner. Best of all, our standard pricing averages 80% less than any HP support contract. That’s another 10% more than other third party providers can offer!

Riverstone Technology is more than just another third party maintenance provider. We are a trusted advisor, and pride ourselves on ensuring the success of over 1500 data centers so all that’s left for our clients to do is focus on the continued success of their business. With us you get real people and our undivided attention, so you never feel like just another account number. 

Supported HP Devices:

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Dedicated Parts Depots
We have parts depots strategically positioned around the world for local delivery.
2000+ Companies Supported
You will join a network of over 2,000 companies Riverstone supports.
10,000+ Devices Under Coverage

We monitor and support over 10,000 devices world-wide.

2,000+ On-Site Expert Techs
We have more than 2,000 expert engineers ready to help when you need them.

HP Third Party Maintenance

Riverstone has a highly-trained team of certified engineers at the ready to troubleshoot any HP server, storage, or networking issues. Our HP third party support team is uniquely qualified to serve you after your support contract runs out to continuously protect against downtime, permit scales on demand, and quickly adapt to any changing business needs. Furthermore, our support services enable organizations to cut the time, cost, and risk of managing enterprise storage. You don't have to buy new to reap the benefits of manufacturer offerings anymore – prolong the life of your IT assets and increase your return on capital investments today!

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Dell EMC's Compellent enterprise data storage arrays deliver high performance with fewer drives, power, and space. Riverstone Technology is a leading provider of high-quality Compellent support, maintenance, and extended warranties. Riverstone Technology has elite level engineers that have decades of experience with Dell Compellent devices. Don't sacrifice your coverage and peace of mind because Dell has you stuck in a refresh cycle. Leverage our engineering team at a competitive price to extend the life of your Dell Compellent devices.

Supported Compellent Devices:

Dell Compellent NX3000 Post-Warranty Maintenance by Riverstone Technology
Don't panic. we've got you covered!

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Understanding EOSL - Extend Your HP Support

Don't let support lapse on your HP servers, storage arrays, or routers! Just because HP has deemed your device End of Service Life (EOSL) and has withdrawn support doesn't mean it's time for a costly upgrade. Most devices can function anywhere from 5 – 10 years beyond EOSL permitting the equipment is properly supported and maintained. This could go a long way in helping to postpone costly upgrades, reduce TCO, and improve ROI. Riverstone Technology can seamlessly extend support to keep your device covered for years after being abandoned by HP. The key to retaining your HP infrastructure for as long as possible is knowing in advance which devices will require ongoing maintenance and when. Stay on top of your warranty coverage and check out Riverstone’s HP EOSL database today!

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  • Global Coverage

    We can service your equipment no matter where your data center is located.

  • Certified Engineers

    Our certified support engineers will hold your hand through any issues that arise.


    Our Standard pricing averages 80% less than most manufacturers for support services.

  • On-site Engineers

    We employ and contract 2000+ engineers throughout most major cities worldwide.

  • 4 Hour Response Time

    Gain access to a certified engineer within 4 hours of issue.

  • Flexible Support Packages

    We understand your data center environment and response needs are unique. We have service level packages for everyone’s needs.