In Search of New Enterprise Hardware? Consider the Vendor’s Engineering Team

In Search of New Enterprise Hardware? Consider the Vendor’s Engineering Team

Enterprise-grade hardware is at the heart of the modern data center. Without the right assets, it’s impossible to store, transfer, access, or manipulate data and achieve your organization’s goals. Of course, choosing the right hardware is critical, but too many IT managers choose the wrong method.

They shop by brand. 

Sure, there’s a lot to be said for the quality you’ll get with some of the world’s top manufacturers, like Dell EMC, Data Domain, NetApp, and all the rest. However, when buying hardware, it’s important to look not just at the quality of the assets themselves, but at the vendor’s engineering team. 

What’s the better option? At Riverstone Technology, our expert-level engineers deliver a better experience, along with the hardware you need to ensure your data center enjoys the best uptime, reliability, and stability. 

Riverstone Recertified Hardware

To truly understand why our hardware stands out from the pack (both in terms of third party providers and original equipment manufacturers), it’s important to realize just how different our engineering team is, as well as what they provide our clients.

Our Team

We source our engineers from the same talent pool as all the major OEMs. These guys have in-depth experience with today’s IT hardware, including intimate knowledge of multiple brands and how those components interoperate. This brand-agnosticism ensures that our engineers can create customized solutions for our clients that ensure they get the performance, reliability, and uptime they deserve from their systems, even when those systems include components from multiple hardware OEMs. 

Buying Dell storage arrays to work with your IBM servers and Cisco routers? Unsure what hardware to choose for your data center in the first place? Not a problem. Our expert-level engineering team can help create a custom solution that fits your needs today, but also offers scalability so it can grow with your business.

Beyond Mere Products

When you work with an OEM, the sales and engineering teams are focused on one thing: moving products. They have a baseline understanding of how their technology fits your needs, but their ultimate goal is to push their latest and greatest hardware. The problem is that this isn’t always the best solution for you, the customer. 

At Riverstone, we take a different approach. Our expert-level engineers evaluate your data center, your needs, and your future plans to determine the best hardware and then create a customized solution that truly supports stability, growth, and success. 

It’s about more than selling a product. We deliver solutions to pressing needs, and that requires more than a focus on making a sale. It requires a deep understanding of your organization’s needs and how various IT assets will address them.

Beyond the Purchase

When you buy IT assets from most recertified hardware vendors, they will ship your purchase to you. From that point, you’re on your own. Your in-house team will be responsible for installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and any upgrades or patches required to get the hardware up and running.

The problem here is that many organizations lack the IT talent to handle those tasks. Even if you have expert IT engineers within your business, chances are good that they have a list of responsibilities a mile long, and adding hardware installation and configuration to the list will pull them away from something more critical. At Riverstone, we don’t just ship your purchase to you and call it a day. We go the extra mile.

Our experienced field engineers can come to your location to install and configure your new hardware. In addition, they can even repair and troubleshoot hardware for an entire year following your purchase to ensure your system is running smoothly and you have the reliability you deserve.

Beyond Our Engineers

While our engineers certainly differentiate us from our competitors, we should also say a word or two about your hardware options in the first place. We offer access to high-quality recertified hardware through the Riverstone Recertified Hardware segment of our business; hardware conditions range from New in Box (NIB) and New Open Box (NOB) to Refurbished (REF) equipment. 

Our recertification process consists of an in-depth inspection, cleaning, and full restoration of hardware before passing it along to you. We also include an automatic full one-year warranty on all Riverstone Recertified hardware. Couple that with the ability to save up to 80% over what OEMs would charge for the very same equipment, and you can see why so many clients choose us again and again.

What Can We Help You Build?

Whether you’re building from scratch or looking to upgrade your current setup, our engineers deliver the expertise you need! What can we help you build today? Contact us to learn more about our engineers and hardware capabilities – call us at (877) 819-6757, request a quote, or chat with one of our team members today!