Your Fujitsu Primergy BX924, SX910 is Almost EOSL: What's Next?

Your Fujitsu Primergy BX924, SX910 Is Almost EOSL: What’s Next?

If you’re utilizing a Fujitsu Primergy server within your data center we urge you to keep reading! This is your last-minute reminder that some Fujitsu Primergy models will be reaching EOSL tomorrow. The two models that will be officially out of service on June 30th, 2020 include:

  • Primergy BX924 S4
  • Primergy SX910 S1

If you haven’t yet secured post-warranty coverage for your BX924 S4 or SX910 S1 Primergy server, you run the risk of unexpected downtime or even data loss. While you should avoid a lapse in coverage at all costs, that doesn’t mean your only option from here is a costly upgrade from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Fujitsu Primergy third party maintenance is available from Riverstone Technology, and promises affordable, flexible support options aimed at extending the useful life of your Fujitsu server. If you’re wondering what’s next for your EOSL device, or your data center as a whole, continue reading to learn more about third party post-warranty support. 

What EOSL Means

EOSL stands for “End of Service Life” and marks the time when a device is no longer viewed as functional by the OEM. On this date, the OEM will formally withdraw all support, technical or otherwise, for the “inoperative” equipment. Thus June 30, 2020 signifies the end of any active service or software updates from Fujitsu for the Primergy BX924 S4 and SX910 S1 servers. 

EOSL can be a stressful time for many businesses. Left with valuable, functioning devices, the stability and security of your data center is suddenly threatened as the OEM abruptly withdraws both updates and active support. Faced with a crossroads, Fujitsu will then swoop in all too quickly offering their latest and greatest model as a replacement. But if your current Fujitsu Primergy device is operational and your business is dependent on it, why disrupt that with a costly transition? With the assistance of a third party maintenance provider, you might not have to!

Benefits of Fujitsu Primergy Third Party Maintenance

While Fujitsu wants you to feel like your options are limited, third party maintenance offers extended support alternatives to relieve the unnecessary pressure brought on by EOSL. And at Riverstone, relieving that pressure is what we do best! Third party support contracts are not just made to be flexible, they are meant to keep your data center successful for years to come. In fact, many companies can keep their devices operating for more than a decade after they have reached their end of service life. In this way, third party support providers ensure you’re getting the maximum possible return out of your data center investments. Your EOSL Fujitsu Primergy server still has a lot of life left — make sure to use it!

Maximizing your investment saves money and resources over the long haul, but Riverstone can provide short-term cost savings too! Customers who choose Riverstone Technology save up to 80% on support and warranty services in comparison with Fujitsu. Furthermore, should the need for expansion arise, qualified third party support providers can also provide certified, pre-owned Fujitsu hardware at a fraction of what the equipment would cost out of the box.

Large manufacturers like Fujitsu often have corporate policies that place restrictions on the flexibility they can offer their customers. As a result, structuring SLAs with them can be immensely frustrating and complicated, even requiring extra fees. A major strength of third party maintenance providers like Riverstone Technology is that they are intentionally designed to be flexible, and adapt to the unique needs of your data center. From offering a range of service level packages to providing co-term support, Fujitsu third party maintenance is a true partner to your business.

The Riverstone Difference

What differentiates Riverstone Technology from other third party maintenance providers is our ability to adapt to our customers, rather than forcing them to adapt to us. We offer four Service Level Agreements, so our clients only pay for the services they need and not the ones they don’t. These SLAs are designed to give your company the flexibility that Fujitsu can’t, without any sacrifice in quality. Furthermore, our global partnerships stretch across the globe, to ensure you can have a certified engineer onsite to service your data center within just hours, no matter the location worldwide. 

More than 1500 companies have partnered with Riverstone for unparalleled third party maintenance. Between affordable hardware, highly experienced engineers, and a guaranteed four hour response window, we ensure our customers are valued and their expectations are exceeded. Our attentive team of solution providers are knowledgeable on data center equipment old and new, and work closely with our network of engineers to ensure any and every issue is addressed in a timely manner. 

In need of Fujitsu Primergy BX924 S4 or SX910 S1 post-EOSL support? For more questions or to arrange your Fujitsu Primergy extended support please contact us by phone at 877-819-6757, or speak to a representative live on our website.