Your Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST is Approaching EOSL: What's Next?

Your Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST is Approaching EOSL: What’s Next?

Customers using a Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST server within their data center environment need to listen up! This is your last-minute reminder that some Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST servers will be reaching EOSL at the end of 2020. The two models that will be officially out of service on December 31st, 2020 are:

This leaves just 3 months of coverage to secure an extended support arrangement before unprotected downtime or data loss become a real possibility. So what does this mean for your Fujitsu server? And what should your next steps be? This post will answer all that and more, as well as provide you with a potential contingency plan. To discover how third party maintenance can maintain your PRIMEQUEST server long after it’s been abandoned by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), keep reading!

What EOSL Means

EOSL stands for “End of Service Life”, and marks the end of all maintenance and support for a product by the manufacturer. According to Fujitsu themselves, “Products and associated software will be retired and will no longer be supported after the Fujitsu Support End of Service Life date. Furthermore, development of new Firmware Patches/Updates will cease and OS support may no longer be available. Put simply, after 10/31/2020 Fujitsu will no longer be servicing these 2 PRIMEQUEST servers.

The Truth Behind EOSL

EOSL is merely an OEM-contrived crossroads meant to invoke fear and pressure to upgrade. The truth is that most devices can actually remain productive for several years after their prescribed end of support date. Be aware, EOSL signifies that the OEM has switched focus to supporting newer models they’ve brought to market (notably PRIMEFLEX integrated systems) and would like for customers to do the same. Sure, EOSL can be a reminder that it may actually be time for a product upgrade. But replacing essential infrastructure can cost millions of dollars every few years. And there’s a good chance your IT budget doesn’t have room for an expenditure like that under current financial restrictions.

More likely, EOSL indicates it’s time to seek out an alternative extended support provider. Released in 2011, your PRIMEQUEST 1800B2/E2 server is only 9 years old. But because Fujitsu profits significantly more off hardware sales than sporadic maintenance requests, the corporation uses these premature support deadlines as selling points to incentivize product upgrades. But if your current PRIMEQUEST server is operational and your business is dependent on it, why disrupt that with an unnecessary transition? You shouldn’t have to!

How Third Party Support Can Help:

Coverage disruptions create needless anxiety and frustrating challenges as EOSL gets closer and closer. This ends now. Under third party support, not only will we prolong your equipment’s useful life, we’ll help you save a great deal in the process. With the need to find budgetary flexibility now higher than ever, the benefits of third party support are self-evident:

  1. Fantastic savings; save on support by as much as 40% – 70% compared to the Fujitsu post-warranty contract equivalent.
  2. Postpone costly upgrades; replacing essential infrastructure can cost millions of dollars every few years. A post-EOSL support option could be strategic in helping defer expensive hardware refreshes until the necessary budget becomes available.
  3. Flexible service level agreements (SLAs); third party support contracts adapt to you, rather than forcing you to adapt to your provider. This level of freedom can alleviate a great deal of the pressure normally incited by the crossroads that is EOSL.

Third party support contracts are not just made to be flexible, they’re meant to keep your data center successful for years to come. In fact, many companies that partner with Riverstone are able to keep their devices operating for another 5 – 10 years after having reached EOSL. In this way, we ensure our clients achieve the maximum possible return out of data center investments. Remember: your EOSL PRIMEQUEST server still has a lot of life left — make sure to use it! 

Partner with Riverstone: Unmatched PRIMEQUEST Third Party Support

More than 1500 companies have partnered with Riverstone for exceptional data center support. Between our affordable rates, high-level engineers, and guaranteed four hour response window, we make sure our customers are valued and their expectations are exceeded. Riverstone’s attentive team of service representatives are knowledgeable on data center equipment old and new, and work closely with our network of engineers to ensure any and every issue is addressed in a timely manner. Best of all, companies that choose Riverstone save up to 80% on extended support. That’s 10% more than other third party providers can offer! 

In need of Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST post-EOSL support? For further questions or to arrange your Fujitsu extended support contract please contact us by phone at 877-819-6757, get a quote, or chat live with a representative on our website.