Your Cisco Nexus 5548P Switch is Almost EOSL: What's Next?

Your Cisco Nexus 5548P Switch is Almost EOSL: What’s Next?

Utilizing a Cisco Nexus 5548P Switch within your data center? This is your last-minute reminder that the 5548P Switch will be reaching End of Service Life on September 30th, 2020.

This leaves 2 weeks to secure post-warranty coverage for your Cisco Nexus 5548P Switch. If you weren’t aware of this deadline, or haven’t had time to consider next steps, there’s no need to stress! Third party maintenance from Riverstone can keep your Cisco equipment covered for years after it’s been abandoned by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). If you’re wondering what’s next for your EOSL device, or your data center as a whole, continue reading to learn more about extended third party Cisco support. 

What EOSL Means for Your Cisco Switch

Standing for “End of Service Life” or “End of Support Life”, EOSL marks the date on which an equipment model is no longer viewed as serviceable by the manufacturer. Once reached, Cisco will formally withdraw all support, technical or otherwise, for the “inoperative” gear. Furthermore, this means Cisco will no longer sell, provide updates, or renew support contracts on Cisco Nexus 5548P Switches.

Typically, EOSL signifies that the manufacturer is now prioritizing a newer product roll-out and is attempting to incentivize system upgrades. Not surprisingly, Cisco has recommended that 5548P customers upgrade to the 5672UP Switch come EOSL, which could run you up to $30,000 USD. But if your current 5000 Series Switch is operational and your business is dependent on it, you shouldn’t be forced to disrupt that with a costly transition. With the assistance of a third party maintenance provider, you don’t have to operate in accordance with the OEM’s profit-driven timeline any longer.

The Truth Behind EOSL

The truth is that most devices can actually remain productive for several years after their prescribed EOSL date. In fact, your Cisco switch can function anywhere from 5 – 10 years past EOSL permitting equipment is properly supported and maintained. Something not adding up? That’s because OEMs like Cisco earn the majority of profits by selling new technology – not continuing to maintain an asset after the sale. Thus, manufacturers use these premature deadlines as selling points to promote their newer, and more lucrative, product lines. In an industry that prioritizes innovation and bringing new technology to market, why continue to turn large corporations like Cisco for extended maintenance? Maybe you shouldn’t be. 

How a Cisco Extended Support Contract Can Help

Coverage disruptions create needless anxiety and frustrating challenges as the EOSL date gets closer and closer. That ends now. With third party support, not only can we prolong your equipment’s useful life, we’ll help you save a great deal in the process. With the need to find budgetary flexibility now higher than ever, the benefits of third party support are self-evident:

  1. Fantastic savings; save on support by as much as 40% – 70% in comparison with the Cisco post-warranty contract equivalent.
  2. Postpone costly upgrades; replacing essential infrastructure can cost millions of dollars every few years. A post-EOSL support option could be strategic in helping defer expensive hardware upgrades until the necessary budget becomes available.
  3. Flexible service level agreements (SLAs); a third party support contract will adapt to you, rather than forcing you to adapt to your provider. This level of freedom can alleviate a great deal of the pressure normally incited by the crossroads that is EOSL.

While Cisco wants you to feel like your only option is upgrading, third party providers like Riverstone present a “Get out of EOSL Free” card. Our third party support contracts are not just made to be flexible, they are meant to keep your data center successful for years to come. In fact, many companies that partner with Riverstone are able to keep their devices operating for more than a decade after having reached EOSL. In this way, we ensure our clients achieve the maximum possible return out of data center investments. Remember: your EOSL Cisco Nexus 5548P Switch still has a lot of life left — make sure to use it! 

Cisco Products Riverstone Supports

Many Cisco switches reached EOSL several years ago, but plenty are still in service and coming up on their End of Support dates in 2021. The key to retaining your Cisco networking infrastructure for as long as possible is knowing which of your devices will require ongoing maintenance and when. Stay on top of your warranty coverage and check out Riverstone’s comprehensive Cisco EOSL database today! If you don’t see your exact model, shoot us a message and we’ll send you a quote in just a few minutes.

Partner with Riverstone – Unparalleled Cisco Nexus 5548P Third Party Support

More than 1500 companies have partnered with Riverstone for unparalleled data center support. Between our affordable hardware, highly-level engineers, and guaranteed four hour response window, we ensure our customers are valued and their expectations are exceeded. Our attentive team of service representatives are knowledgeable on data center equipment old and new, and work closely with our network of engineers to ensure any and every issue is addressed in a timely manner. Best of all, organizations that choose Riverstone save up to 80% on Cisco hardware and support. That’s 10% more on average than other third party providers can offer. 

In need of Cisco post-EOSL support? For further questions or to arrange your Cisco Nexus 5548P Switch extended support contract please contact us by phone at 877-819-6757, get a quote, or speak to a representative live on our website.