Why Riverstone?

Why Riverstone?

When the warranty is set to expire on your data center equipment, it’s important to remember you do have options for data center maintenance and support beyond the original equipment manufacturer. But why would one willingly choose a third-party provider over direct-OEM services? Here are 6 reasons companies continually turn to our team at Riverstone in lieu of the manufacturer: 

Operational Excellence

Third party support services don’t just meet manufacturer standards, they often exceed them. Understand that third-party providers don’t have to make significant investments into hardware research and development as OEMs do. With an exclusive focus on the support operations side of the industry, we’re able to streamline processes and keep costs considerably low, all while providing the same OEM-level quality of service.

Superior Customer Service

While your manufacturer is preoccupied by technological innovation and swamped with thousands of service requests, a Riverstone sales rep is standing by to provide you with swift, personable, and knowledgeable assistance. Our third-party service representatives are educated on data center equipment old and new, and work closely with our network of engineers to ensure any and every issue is addressed in a timely manner. 

Not only are we more accessible than OEM support, but we value our customer relationships over meeting some bottom line. With Riverstone, you get real people, reliable service, and our undivided attention, so you never feel like just another account number.  

We’re 40% – 80% Less than your Manufacturer

All businesses want to be successful. At the same time, you need to keep an eye on your bottom line. Companies that partner with Riverstone for third party support/hardware save as much as 40% – 80% of the OEM contract equivalent. Contrary to this affordability, we possess a wider variety of skills and experience with multiple manufacturer brands, as well as more flexible service options. 

Prolonged Equipment Life

Unlike the standard 3 or 5-year warranty consistent among OEMs, at Riverstone we believe in managing hardware throughout its entire useful life. What does that mean?

Manufacturers are in the business to sell new hardware. So they are 1) going to price their extended warranties high enough that it “make senses” to buy new come End of Life (EOL) and if that doesn’t work then 2) announce a premature End of Service Life (EOSL) date so you have no option but to refresh hardware that’s still in perfect working condition. But at Riverstone, we know the shelf life of most data center hardware to be well-beyond the EOL or even EOSL date deemed by the manufacturer. And being that we are brand agnostic and don’t abide by manufacturer regulations, we can extend support 5 – 10 years beyond the withdrawal date of the manufacturer.

In helping our clients realize the entire useful life of their storage, compute, and/or networking devices, we allow businesses to: 

  • lower hardware & maintenance costs in the data center
  • increase upgrade flexibility
  • extend the useful life of hardware 5 – 10 years beyond EOSL
  • lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • maximize the value of IT investments (improve ROI)
  • manage hardware refreshes on their own timeline

Expert-Level Engineers

Riverstone’s engineers are often the very same engineers that the OEMs employ. Recall, OEMs are in the business of developing and selling new technology, not continuing to maintain an asset after the sale. Thus, they farm out a majority of their break/fix issues to contract engineers in an effort to keep costs down. You may not be receiving service from an OEM-exclusive engineer and yet you’re still paying the OEM’s premium rate! 

Meanwhile, Riverstone’s engineers were initially OEM-trained and are now brand agnostic – meaning you get the best of both worlds between specialization and broad application. Without an allegiance to any one manufacturer’s products, our technicians must be well-versed on a broad spectrum of data center protocols and equipment. This multiplatform training ensures our field engineers can walk into any data center environment and accurately analyze complex, multi vendor challenges.

Single Point of Contact (SPOC)

Manufacturers are ideally suited to provide support for their own hardware, but the reality is that most data centers today are made up of a diverse mix of gear; in the unfortunate event that something fails, you’re left reaching out to a plethora of providers for help. This then results in an OEM “blame game” as engineers point to other manufacturers as the source of the problem. 

Riverstone can free you of this dilemma by being your sole contact during stressful data center emergencies. Having a single point of contact, or SPOC, can alleviate much of the time-consuming administrative hurdles your organization may be experiencing, and ensure you aren’t left playing a frustrating game of telephone in the middle of a hardware crisis. With a single support number to dial in times of need, you can rest easy knowing Riverstone has you covered.

Choose Riverstone

There’s a reason over 1500 companies across the globe have partnered with Riverstone Technology for data center support, maintenance, and warranty services. And it boils down to getting more bang for your buck with us than you can get from the manufacturer. Interested? Contact us today at 877-819-6757 to find out how we may be of service to you.