Who Benefits from Third Party Maintenance?

Who Benefits From Third Party Maintenance?

It’s no surprise that the economical alternative of Third Party Maintenance (TPM) is becoming more mainstream as companies struggle to maximize data center uptime while reducing annual spend. But while cost has and continues to be one of the most important factors in the growth of the TPM market, IT managers are increasingly driven to third party maintenance due to dissatisfaction with OEM services. In fact, more than 75% of IT managers have made the switch to TPM because of the inability of their OEM to rapidly respond to changing business needs. With unexpectedly early End of Life dates, a lack of personalized support, and an inability to consolidate multiple platforms, IT managers’ frustration with OEMs generally stems from a lack of flexibility

The truth is that organizations of all sizes and within all industries stand to benefit from third party maintenance. If your business is seeking an accommodating service provider that will adapt to your company’s needs – not the other way around – you may want to consider the simple and cost-effective experience of third party maintenance. This article will discuss five common scenarios for which clients of all shapes and sizes have found great value in TPM through a partnership with Riverstone Technology.

Reduce Overall Support and Maintenance Infrastructure Costs

For a company seeking to reduce overall support costs, a hybrid approach is always advisable. With Riverstone Technology, you can simply transition older equipment to TPM support and leave some of your newer equipment under the original equipment manufacturer (OEM’s) contract. Our readily available support team is highly skilled in determining which of your data center assets could be better served with third party maintenance on a product-by-product basis, and can easily and seamlessly help you make the switch to greater savings with third party support. Companies that partner with Riverstone Technology for TPM save up to 80% on support compared with OEMs. This is another 10% more than companies typically save with other third party maintenance providers. If you’re tired of the unjustified premiums typical of OEMs and want to save on excellent support, contact our team at Riverstone Technology today.

Prolong Infrastructure’s Refresh Cycle

Once the manufacturer decides a specific device has reached its End of Life (EOL), they’ll usually recommend doing a hardware refresh to their latest – and most expensive – generation of hardware. While extended support contracts are still an option at this point, the contract renewal will be significantly marked up so it’s within the same range as a product upgrade. This pricing structure is a common tactic among major manufacturers to make the upgrade option look more attractive, and influence customers into spending large sums on a product replacement – but it may not be a necessity. 

Third party maintenance from Riverstone Technology helps you avoid unnecessary upgrade expenditures on well-functioning equipment. Replacing essential infrastructure can cost millions of dollars every few years, but a third party maintenance and support option to prolong existing equipment could be invaluable in helping hold off on a hefty hardware replacement expenditure for as long as possible. Before giving into the OEM’s profit-driven recommendation, understand there are a wide range of affordable solutions with third party maintenance all aimed at deferring costly, nonessential upgrades.

Extend the Life of Essential Technology

It’s not uncommon for companies to have older equipment they’re still using despite a lapse in coverage. Facing sky-high support related costs to continue the contract and pressure to keep the company budget in check, it’s not always fiscally realistic to extend coverage. Thus, many businesses opt to take the risk and continue use without support. But with TPM you don’t have to sacrifice support to cut costs – and you really shouldn’t. While a lull in service may seem trivial, unprotected periods of any length can be costly. Unplanned downtime is the biggest problem a data center can experience so going without service is to be avoided as much as possible. Riverstone is highly experienced in extending the life of our clients’ current, EOL, and EOSL systems at a much lower cost than OEMs. The risks of downtime, lost data, and expensive last-resorts can all be avoided with continued support coverage from Riverstone Technology.

Repurpose Older Equipment

Third party maintenance can be a great opportunity for a company looking to repurpose older data center equipment. If you’re in the process of moving equipment out of production and into a backup or testing environment, there’s no need to expend essential capital on costly support from the OEM. By utilizing TPM our clients are able to reduce support costs while still receiving high-quality coverage, rather than spinning back up OEM support for those less critical environments. Consider Riverstone Technology to get the most out of your outdated equipment without exhausting company funds.

Seeking Alternatives to OEM Services

There’s a natural inclination for many businesses to view OEM contracts and maintenance as the industry standard. But there’s no reason to put up with rising support costs, a generalized approach to maintenance, unrelenting pressure to upgrade, nor the sudden retraction of active support come EOL. Unlike these large manufacturers, with a third party maintenance provider support is anything but standard. At Riverstone, we pride ourselves on our experienced team of solutions providers, who are at the ready to assist clients with guided, personalized support at a fraction of the cost. We offer four tiers of support packages to choose from, designed to provide customers with the flexibility that OEMs lack. If you’re tired of conforming to rigid policies set by the OEM consider Riverstone Technology, where we’re dedicated to making your IT system work for every changing business need.

Choose Riverstone

At Riverstone Technology, our global partnerships allow us to have certified, expert level engineers on site to service your data center no matter the location worldwide. No company deserves incompetence when facing problems in their data center. We ensure that anyone you work with is extremely experienced and has your data center’s specific needs, as well as your business’s success, at heart. 

Our team is all about maximizing uptime. We believe in keeping your business fully functional 100% of the time, which is why we offer 24/7/365 monitoring solutions. Full-time office monitoring allows us to quickly fix data center equipment in the event of malfunctions and even predict potential failures, to maximize uptime that will in turn reduce costs. Don’t wait days on end for responses to your problems – our most attentive service package guarantees a response to your queries within just four hours of submitting them.

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