Which Data Center Environments Can Best Utilize Third Party Support and Maintenance?

Which Data Center Environments Can Best Utilize Third Party Maintenance?

There’s no question that third party maintenance (TPM) is becoming a more popular option among data centers worldwide. From reducing annual data center maintenance spend and gaining greater control of equipments’ life cycle, to meaningful service enhancements, there are many fantastic benefits clients receive by making the switch to third party. But despite such well-known advantages, many interested businesses aren’t always sure if their unique data center environment stands to benefit from TPM. 

The truth is that the decision to utilize third party support services should only be made with the help of a third party maintenance specialist. At Riverstone, our expert level engineers are skilled in determining which pieces of IT infrastructure are a good fit for TPM along with which devices should remain under the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM’s) support. While there are many devices that we usually recommend keeping with the OEM, there’s also a plethora of cases in which it’s not only smarter but more strategic to move over to third party support. Keep in mind this kind of decision should only be determined after an established conversation around the equipment’s current use for the company, as well as its future use and lifecycle plans concerning the migration of data.

While each case is unique and we recommend carefully crafting a plan with a Riverstone third party maintenance specialist, there are a few types of IT environments that can often capitalize on the many perks of third party support. In this article we will address four data center environments that typically find great value in making the switch to third party:

Mission Critical (Production) Environments 

Mission critical environments include systems in which failure would disrupt everyday business operations. Third party maintenance is a great option for those mission critical environments where software upgrades may not be a necessity for a particular device. When the success of your business is contingent upon the functionality of your data center, you can’t afford to wait days at a time for a response to equipment malfunction. At Riverstone Technology, our greatest asset is our extremely prompt and personable service. While manufacturers tend to get bogged down with massive amounts of service requests and phone calls, a third party maintenance solution has local staff dedicated to meeting your specific needs in a timely fashion. From on-site spart kits to a 24×7 help desk, our team will work tirelessly to ensure your mission critical environments are business ready at all times!

Backup Environments

For equipment that’s been moved out of production and into a backup environment, third party maintenance is an excellent alternative to support from the manufacturer. There’s no need to spend crucial company resources on costly support from the OEM. By utilizing third party maintenance our clients are able to reduce support costs while still receiving high-quality coverage, rather than spinning back up OEM support for those less critical environments. Consider Riverstone to get the most out of your data backup equipment without exhausting company funds.

Testing Environments

Your test environment includes more than just setting up a server to run tests on. It also involves hardware and network configuration. At Riverstone Technology we understand our customers want the very best for their testing environment and so we take great measure to ensure that all of our pre-owned hardware is certified and legitimate. Our claim of Riverstone Recertified simply means that the hardware has been reset to its original factory specifications, and then tested in a lab to verify that the equipment meets both the OEM’s and Riverstone’s standards. Best of all, the prior use makes for great savings and there’s little risk with our automatic 1 year Next Business Day Warranty guarantee included on all hardware sales. You don’t have to purchase equipment out of the box to reap the benefits of a manufacturer’s offerings anymore. A third party support solution has the reliable hardware your testing environment needs without the exorbitant price tag.

All Other Non-Mission Critical Environments 

Looking to save on your non-mission critical environments? Look no further — third party support has long been regarded as a more affordable alternative to OEM services. While manufacturers are in the business of replacing equipment every few years, third party maintenance providers exist to extend the useful life of clients’ systems and maximize their return on investment. At Riverstone Technology, our pricing model averages 80% less in comparison with OEMs and roughly 10% less than that of other third party maintenance providers. We also offer a variety of support packages to choose from, so customers can get the services they need without having to pay for the ones they don’t. Consider partnering with a TPM provider like Riverstone for more responsive support at a fraction of the cost of the OEM.

Choose Riverstone

There are plenty of reasons to choose Riverstone Technology for your third party support needs, but first and foremost we pride ourselves on having an exceptional response time. At Riverstone we understand the significance of uptime — you shouldn’t have to wait days at a time for a response to your company’s data center concerns. Under our most comprehensive service package, we guarantee a four hour response window to customer queries. Furthermore, our network of certified engineers extends across the globe, allowing us to service your data center no matter the location worldwide. With us, you’ll receive unmatched service anytime, anywhere. 

For more information concerning the types of data center environments that can benefit from third party maintenance or to receive an assessment of your own data center, contact us by phone at 877-819-6757, or speak to one of our experienced staff members live on our website.