What is End of Service Life?

What is “End of Service Life,” and What Does it Have to do With Me?

If your company manages a data center that utilizes manufacturer equipment like Dell or NetApp to store customer data, you will inevitably hear a lot about something called “end of service life.” (EOSL). All products have an EOSL. What exactly is end of life, and why should you care? End of Service Life is tied into many other important aspects of your data center equipment, and can affect the way your company seeks support for its devices. We want to explain the ins and outs of EOSL and why it is important to the success of your business.

End of Service Life, a brief introduction

End of service life, sometimes referred to as “end of support life,” refers to the date at which a manufacturer stops its active support and maintenance of a certain product. For instance, if your company uses a Dell PowerEdge server that reached its EOSL, then Dell will no longer offer support or warranties on that device. The notion of losing support for your device can be stressful for any company. For this reason, many businesses will go ahead and upgrade to a new products despite the expense and their current products are still working. It’s important to note that this isn’t necessary. Your company can keep your system for years to come, and have reliable support to keep it business ready.

Money is King

The most compelling reason to learn about your server, network, and storage product’s end of service life is that it will have profound effects on your budget. It is vital to know what your options are when the EOSL of your data center device comes. Without your product’s EOSL information, it will be difficult to plan ahead, potentially forcing you into unnecessary expenses that will hurt your bottom line. We understand that your budget is always under scrutiny. Companies that wait too long to take action prior to their devices’ end of life have to spend untold man hours finding new source parts when their current ones malfunction. Device malfunction or failures cause company-wide stress, and ensuring that the parts you find are properly working is an unnecessary lag on any business. Companies that choose third party maintenance from Riverstone Technology can save up to 80% more than prices from Original Equipment Manufacturers like Dell or NetApp, 10% more than other third party support providers.

What happens if I lose warranty coverage?

All equipment failures have consequences. If one of your network devices experiences a malfunction, then the network is going to go down for a period of time. Likewise, if your storage devices fail, important company files can be lost. We understand that keeping a high rate of uptime is paramount to customer satisfaction. If it becomes necessary for your company to start finding replacement hardware, you may be unable to verify the places it’s coming from, resulting in more faulty equipment and a data center that is more and more fragile. We know this seems daunting, and it is certainly an unfair onus to be placed on any business. By utilizing third party support, your company will never have to worry about being left in the dust by a faulty, non-certified part replacement.

How is third party support different?

What exactly makes third party support different, and why can it be a better option for your business? Firstly, third party support providers are able to offer significantly more flexible contracts to your business, since they are not beholden to the same restrictions as a major manufacturer. This way, your business can get coverage on just the products and services it needs, without also having to purchase coverage on those it doesn’t. Secondly, third party support companies have no obligation to any specific manufacturer, allowing them to give unbiased, dependable support to whatever model your business’s uses. Third party support providers like Riverstone Technology can also co-term existing equipment into one support contract allowing seamless coverage for various models with differing EOSL dates.

Riverstone can help

Riverstone Technology leads the way in third party support. We give our clients flexibility and savings that OEMs can’t offer. We provide various levels of care to our clients. Our goal is to adapt to your business’s needs, not the other way around. Our team of dedicated engineers and support staff work hard to provide storage, server, and network support on products from Dell, HP, Hitachi, NetApp, IBM, and more. With third party support, your company can function freely, giving you time to focus on innovation and progress. To learn more, or have any questions, please contact us by phone: 877-819-6757, or speak with a team member live on our website.