Third Party Server Support: IBM z14

Third Party Server Support: IBM z14

About IBM z14

IT organizations today must provide a platform where data and transactions are continuously protected, available, and delivered with speed. Released in July of 2017, the IBM z14 Models (M01-M05 and ZR1) state-of-the-art data platforms were designed to do just that! IBM z14 delivers capabilities to meet growing demands for new services and better customer experiences, thus forging the foundation for better business partnerships. But in an industry that’s consistently rewarded for bringing the newest developments to market, the quality of a product created over 3 years ago is of little significance to IBM.

Consistent with regular hardware refresh cycles typical among OEMs, IBM released the z15 in September, 2019 and the z15-T02 just 5 months ago in April, 2020. But for many enterprises today, it isn’t fiscally realistic to plan for a z15 system upgrade when the z14 is not only still operational but your business is dependent on it. If you’re looking to maintain your IBM z14 as the foundation for your data center infrastructure but fear a future lapse in coverage, you’ve come to the right place! Third party server support from Riverstone is here to help.

Are You Prepared?

Although IBM has yet to release a hardware withdrawal from marketing (HW WDFM) or end of sale (EOS) date for the z14, it’s not difficult to see that end of service is in the model’s near future. Based on IBM’s Life Cycle History, mainframe generations have averaged 4.1 years of sales and service over the past 26 years. This means that in less than a year, you will no longer be able to order z14 products directly from IBM. It also implies that the price of support will dramatically increase as IBM begins to prioritize the sale of newer models. Your organization shouldn’t be penalized with increased support costs on the same level of service just for not wanting to upgrade equipment every 4 – 7 years. And with third party support, you no longer have to! 

How Third Party IBM z14 Support Can Help

  • Prolong Equipment Life

It’s high time to take back control over restrictive hardware refresh cycles. Riverstone’s third-party IBM support and maintenance services can keep your z14 mainframe in operation for years after IBM has inflated or withdrawn marketing, sales, and even service. A third party support option to prolong the useful life of your IBM z14 or z14-ZR1 server could be instrumental in delaying a hardware upgrade by 5 – 10 years! This could go a long way in reducing TCO and generating a greater ROI on capital expenditures.

  • Significant Savings

Let’s talk cash, since cost is surely a primary concern for your business. Third party support providers can offer the same OEM-level service, along with high-level engineers, quality parts, and 24×7 help desk services at a drastically lower price. In fact, organizations that make the switch to third party often save 40% – 70% in comparison with the IBM contract equivalent.

  • Flexible Contract Terms

Beyond cost savings, companies also experience a greater Service Level Agreement (SLA) by making the transition to third party support. One weakness of OEMs like IBM is that they’re hamstrung by huge restrictions on the flexibility they can offer their customers. As a result, structuring SLAs with them can be immensely frustrating, complicated, and costly. A major strength of third party maintenance providers like Riverstone is that SLAs are intentionally designed to be flexible. Whether you require 24/7/365 monitoring with a 4 hour response time or simply parts as needed, third party maintenance can adapt to your data center’s needs.

IBM z14 Products Riverstone Supports:

*Explore our free IBM Z EOSL catalog for a more comprehensive listing of all IBM Z products we support. If you don’t see your device, just reach out and we can still send you a quote for your model!

The Riverstone Difference

Riverstone Technology is one of the leading third party IBM providers in the industry, combining prestigious customer service with unbeatable cost savings. Our standard pricing averages 80% less than IBM – that’s another 10% more than other third party providers can offer. More than 1500 customers across the globe entrust us with the stability and security of their data center infrastructure. That’s because with us you get real people, reliable service, and our undivided attention – so you never feel like just an account number.

Get in touch today about IBM z14 or z14-ZR1 third party server support and call us at 877-819-6757, get a quote, or visit our website to chat live with an experienced and personable member of our team!