Understand the difference between EOSL, EOL, and EOA

The Difference Between EOSL, EOA, and EOL

Doing research on storage, network, and server devices for your company’s data center infrastructure can yield some confusing and seemingly redundant results. One of the major concerns of businesses is the knowledge of when the products they use, or plan to use, reach their “end of support life.” Being aware of this date is vital, since it has ramifications that have to be considered if a company wants to have ongoing success. However, if you are doing research of your own, you are likely to find multiple variations of what seems like the same term. EOSL, EOA, and EOL all appear frequently, and seem to mean the same thing. Nonetheless, the nuances between them are important for any business to understand. This article breaks them down.

EOSL – End of Support Life

EOSL stands for “end of support life,” or, “end of service life.” It is the term you are most likely to see if your company is doing research on devices you plan to utilize in keeping your data center running for the long term. Generally speaking, what EOSL means for a product is that its original manufacturer will no longer be offering support for it, technical or otherwise. While it is still possible at this juncture to get support from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), the OEM will do their best to push you toward purchasing their newest devices, or offer no support whatsoever.

EOL – End of Life

End of life (EOL) is not quite the same as end of support life (EOSL). When a product is EOL, it means that the OEM has deemed a device to have reached the end of its “useful lifespan.” Once this point has been reached, an OEM is likely to stop marketing the device, let alone offer comprehensive upkeep and maintenance for it. While it is still possible for a company to get products on the market after they have reached EOSL, it is less likely that they will be able to find the device in question once its useful lifespan is reached.

EOA – End of Availability

End of availability means just what it sounds like. Once a device’s EOA date is reached, it cannot be purchased straight from an OEM. For instance, if your company wants to purchase support for a NetApp FAS8040 storage device which has already reached end of availability, it will have to source it from somewhere besides NetApp itself. However, that’s not the end of the world. Many companies will attempt to find parts themselves, scouring various online sources for the best price. This method is high risk, since more often than not the source of the part cannot be verified, and many parts they send out are faulty. Fortunately, another option is available for certified, pre-owned hardware: third party support. With third party support providers like Riverstone Technology, your business can obtain devices that are past their useful lifespan, or have reached their EOA, and you can rely on them to be certified, reliable parts.

Why Riverstone?

Riverstone Technology is a worldwide third party support company capable of getting you the devices you need when you need them. Through our global partnerships, we can give your business the certified, pre-owned parts it needs to grow and strengthen your data center infrastructure. We are specifically equipped to maximize the lifespan of those devices, regardless of whether or not they have reached their EOSL.

We offer flexible extended warranty SLAs, and comprehensive care packages for ongoing support. With Riverstone, you can have confidence in the safety of your data center without breaking the bank of the newest devices, or being held hostage by rigid, complicated contracts from OEMs.

More than 1,500 companies across the globe trust Riverstone Technology for their third party support and hardware needs. All of our engineers are certified and experienced, and our care packages are designed to adapt to your business, not the other way around.

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