Riverstone Technology Provides Juniper Third Party Maintenance

Riverstone Technology Provides Juniper Third Party Maintenance

Juniper Networks provides high-performance networking and cybersecurity solutions in data centers across the globe. Producing routers, switches, network management software, and network security products, Juniper has been a market leader in the networking hardware industry for the past two decades. If your business utilizes Juniper networking equipment in its data center environment, you understand that maintaining comprehensive, consistent Juniper network support is paramount. So why then do OEMs like Juniper tend to treat maintenance as merely a secondary offering? They shouldn’t — fortunately Juniper third party maintenance is different.

The fact of the matter is that large manufacturers earn the majority of their profits by bringing new technology to market, so encouraging a product upgrade is more lucrative than continuing to maintain an asset after the sale. Meanwhile, third party maintenance (TPM) providers aren’t preoccupied by innovation, but instead specialize in providing quality support, hardware, and warranty services at extremely affordable rates. Partnering with a third part support provider like Riverstone Technology can grant your company benefits and costs savings that would be otherwise unattainable through the OEM. Discussed below are some of the benefits customers experience by making the switch to Juniper Networks third party maintenance:

Reliable Juniper Post-Warranty Support

End of Life (EOL) is routinely a difficult time for data center managers, and it can be stressful trying to track which devices still retain a service contract with the OEM. Juniper customers are increasingly finding that post-warranty support on essential equipment is more easily attained through a Juniper third party maintenance provider than through Juniper themselves. With Juniper third party maintenance, you no longer need to wait days at a time for a response to your company’s data center concerns. At Riverstone Technology, our top service level package provides a guaranteed four hour response window to customer queries. On top of that we offer co-term support, allowing customers to consolidate all devices onto one contract regardless of differing manufacturers and warranty periods. Whereas OEMs have convoluted practices requiring clients to have a separate contract for each networking device by product, our simplified process streamlines business to promote growth. Companies that partner with us save up to 80% on Juniper support compared with the OEM – that’s another 10% more on average than other third party support providers can typically offer. Best of all, this price difference comes at no sacrifice in the quality of post-warranty support. As Juniper themselves are raising support renewal costs with each passing year, consider Riverstone Technology for alternative support solutions that keep your data center up and running without breaking the bank.

Juniper Hardware When You Need It

In addition to Juniper third party maintenance, Riverstone Technology also offers certified, pre-owned Juniper hardware. At Riverstone, we guarantee all of our refurbished hardware. Our claim of “Riverstone Recertified” verifies that the hardware has been reset to its original factory specifications, and then tested in a lab to ensure that the equipment meets both the original manufacturers’ and Riverstone’s hardware standards. We can also provide customers with on-site spare kits to remedy any common equipment malfunctions, keeping unexpected downtime at bay. Plus, there’s little risk in making the switch to third party. Riverstone offers one of the best warranties you can find in the industry with an automatic 1 year Next Business Day Warranty included on all hardware sales. Buying hardware at a discount doesn’t have to mean skimping on quality. Buy with confidence and consider Riverstone Technology for dependable, used Juniper hardware that helps you save big on your budget.

Extend Your Juniper Device’s Life Beyond EOSL

Any company that’s invested heavily in their data center environment will have great interest in getting the most out of existing equipment. So when a functional device is declared End of Service Life (EOSL) by the manufacturer, it can be extremely frustrating. EOSL marks the time when a device has passed its extended warranty date and is no longer viewed as serviceable by the OEM. Thus, unprepared companies are forced to either splurge on a product or service upgrade from Juniper, or otherwise scramble to find a new provider before unplanned downtime strikes. Fortunately, to a brand agnostic TPM provider like Riverstone, EOSL is essentially arbitrary. Our only goal is to keep your Juniper devices viable for as long as possible. Most devices can actually remain successful for several years after their prescribed EOSL date, but OEMs use these strict deadlines as selling points to push new product lines. The key to maximizing the ROI of essential Juniper devices without compromising your data center is knowing which devices will require ongoing maintenance and when — stay ahead of the game and check out your Juniper device’s EOSL date today!

A Better Way

There’s no need to continue to adapt to the rigid policies set by Juniper – Riverstone Technology is specially equipped to meet your company’s needs. We take care of the upkeep and maintenance of your data center so you are freed up to focus on the more pertinent needs of your business. Around the world, more than 1500 companies entrust Riverstone with the security of their data center. With us, you get real people and reliable service so you never feel like just another customer. 

If you’re ready to make the switch to Juniper third party maintenance, or have questions about our services, please contact us by phone at 877-819-6757, or speak with one of our experienced team members live on our website.