IBM Netezza Post-Warranty Support

Riverstone Provides Insurance Co-Op with Netezza Support to Deliver 83% Savings from IBM

Riverstone Technology is excited to share that we have successfully delivered savings of over $124,000 towards a client’s IBM Netezza infrastructure!

In June of 2020 the client, a mutual insurance cooperative based out of Oklahoma, found themselves faced with a fast-approaching End of Life (EOL) deadline and a cool 150k refresh cost. Unfortunately, this June 30th EOL announcement meant that extending the warranty with IBM would no longer be an option. But with their budget stretched thin in the wake of Covid-19, shelling out $150,000 to IBM also wasn’t possible. The insurance co-op figured there had to be a way to continue operating their current infrastructure without the support of IBM.

Fortunately, the co-op’s system and infrastructure manager came across Riverstone Technology and was pleasantly surprised to find that we could support their Netezza Striper well-beyond its EOL date. But he was all the more ecstatic to discover that we could do so for just $25,000–a mere 17% of what it would cost them to refresh with IBM. It was a no-brainer. The mutual insurance company accepted our support, and has continued to renew their 8x5xNBD Netezza warranty with us since June 2020. This post-warranty support has helped extend the useful life of their Netezza Striper, subsequently lowering the total cost of ownership and improving the company’s return on investment. 

There has never been a better time to seek out post-warranty support for your IBM Netezza appliances. As your company approaches the crossroads that is End of Life, you may be looking to upgrade to IBM’s latest and greatest to ensure your data center remains stable. However, if infrastructure is still in good working order, why embark on a costly and unnecessary transition? In reality, most enterprise swrvers can function well-beyond the original warranty expiration, but as OEMs make significantly more off of production than maintenance, end-of-support dates are used as a major selling point for new product lines. The needless pressure to upgrade ends now. Riverstone is highly experienced in extending the life of our clients’ Netezza appliances at a much lower cost than IBM.

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