Riverstone Provides IBM Netezza Post-Warranty Support

Riverstone Provides IBM Netezza Post-Warranty Support

IBM has recently announced that on June 30th, 2020, all Netezza Striper Gen 2 models will reach their EOSL. EOSL stands for “end of support life” or “end of service life”, and marks the time when a device has passed its extended warranty date and is no longer viewed as serviceable by the OEM. This means that in just 19 days, IBM will be withdrawing both active support and updates on all IBM Netezza Striper devices. Don’t let an unexpected lapse in coverage leave your data center at risk for unplanned downtime, or worse, data loss. Riverstone Technology can provide your business with IBM Netezza Post-Warranty support today. Third party post-warranty support allows businesses to save money on their budget while keeping essential equipment running for years after reaching the prescribed end of service life.

The Time is Now

There has never been a better time to seek out third party maintenance for your IBM Netezza devices. As your company approaches the crossroads that is EOSL, you may be looking to upgrade to IBM’s newest device to ensure your data center remains stable. However, if your products are still functional, why get rid of them? In reality, most equipment can function long-past the original warranty expiration, but as OEMs make significantly more off of production than maintenance, EOSL dates are used as a major selling point for new product lines. The needless pressure to upgrade ends now. Riverstone is highly experienced in extending the life of our clients’ current, EOL, and EOSL systems at a much lower cost than IBM. While the Netezza Striper versions are set to reach EOSL in just a couple weeks, not all Netezza models have been put out of service just yet. Be proactive and explore Riverstone’s free EOSL database for your IBM Netezza model’s end of support life today!

Long Term Savings

If your company has poured significant financial resources into a device or service, it’s only natural that getting the maximum return on investment will be of high concern. And while some financial compromise has to be made in an effort to keep your data center operating at optimum efficiency, taking a massive hit to your budget in the process just isn’t necessary. With third party support from Riverstone Technology, clients can save up to 80% on support and hardware compared with IBM’s rates. What’s more, a qualified third party maintenance and support option to prolong existing equipment could be invaluable in helping hold off on a hefty hardware replacement for as long as possible. As IBM support costs continue to inflate each year, consider Riverstone for affordable extended support solutions that help you save big on your budget.

The Riverstone Experience

While savings are surely a primary concern to your business, there are other reasons to choose Riverstone Technology for IBM Netezza Post-Warranty Support. Here are some other benefits we offer to companies like yours:

  • Accessibility
    It’s no secret that time is money, so you shouldn’t have to wait days at a time for a response from your support provider. While large manufacturers like IBM tend to get overloaded with massive amounts of service requests and phone calls, Riverstone has a readily available team of solutions providers dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers in a timely manner. Riverstone’s top tier service package comes with the guarantee that your problems and questions will receive a response within just four hours – so you avoid unexpected downtime at all costs.
  • Flexibility
    Unlike IBM, Riverstone’s SLAs are designed to adapt to the unique needs of your company, not the other way around. We offer four different levels of coverage ensure our clients pay for the services they need, while avoiding the one’s they don’t. Plus, with Riverstone, IBM Netezza extended warranties are now simple and convenient. Riverstone provides co-term support, allowing customers to consolidate all devices onto one easy contract regardless of differing manufacturers and warranty periods. That’s one contract and one contact for all your data center needs!
  • Peace of Mind
    At Riverstone, we understand better than most the pressure of simultaneously maintaining a strict budget and growing data center needs. Riverstone exists to help those in this very predicament. We’ll take care of maintenance and upkeep so you’re free to focus on something much more important – the success of your business. Working with Riverstone for IBM Netezza third party maintenance offers the greatest advantage of them all: peace of mind.

Over 1500 clients around the world trust Riverstone Technology with the success of their data center. That’s because we value our clients, and work tirelessly to ensure that their every data center need is met with expertise and timeliness. Our partnerships stretch all across the globe, where we have developed relationships with top of the line, certified engineers. In this way, we ensure that no matter where you are or what problem your business encounters, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re ready to make the switch to Riverstone’s IBM Netezza Post-Warranty support, or have questions about our services, please contact us by phone at 877-819-6757, or speak to one of our experienced team members live on our website.