EMC Post-Warranty Support By Riverstone Technology

Riverstone Partners With Resellers for EMC Post-Warranty Support

We know how hard you work to create and develop relationships with your customers. Building rapport with the companies you provide for is vital to understanding their needs and providing the best solutions. Having brand new equipment from OEMs like EMC to sell to businesses is a substantial asset. Riverstone Technology offers a beneficial partnership to resellers by giving their customers affordable and reliable post-warranty support. Our EMC post-warranty support builds customer confidence, and helps build business. Here’s why you should consider Riverstone Technology for a partnership.

Saving Your Clients Money Helps You Make More

Of course, having customers upgrade to the newest EMC devices is the priority of any reseller. However, the truth is that some businesses don’t have room in their budget to buy the newest products after their current device reaches the end of its initial warranty period. When a company’s device reached that point, or goes EOSL, getting reliable coverage becomes expensive and cumbersome. This is one area in which Riverstone can help. We can continue to provide your customers the same dependable maintenance and support they paid for from EMC, while helping you to extend your relationship and prove value in saving them money in the short-term. Companies that use Riverstone Technology for EMC post-warranty support can save 80% more than they would from EMC. When customers are saving money, it frees up their budget, helping continue their partnership with you for future or other new hardware purchases. We want to help you continue to serve your clients with the best service possible and  benefit your bottom line as well.

Grow Customer Loyalty

When your services are seen as the total package, it will naturally build the trust of your customers. Any business wants to feel cared for, and the best way to do that is to show them that they will have the right solutions to their problems. Riverstone has worldwide team of certified engineers, so your clients will always receive the best possible support. When a customer knows they can get help wherever they are, it reinforces loyalty. Our goal is to foster trust and rapport, so everybody wins.

Grow Your Resources

Riverstone Technology has hands around the world. It’s one of the reasons that more than 1,500 companies trust Riverstone with their EMC third party maintenance. Our network of team members gives businesses the help they need, anywhere. By partnering with Riverstone Technology, you can feel confident that your clients have the solutions they need to succeed. With expansive resources on your side, you have another selling point for potential clients. It is just another way that our partnerships are built to be mutually beneficial. In the same way we build trust with your clientele, we build trust with them.

A Brand Agnostic Partner

Resellers are so successful in part because they are brand agnostic. By not being tied down to one specific manufacturer, you can expand the scope of your business. You are able to provide the best solution for each client rather than trying to sell one specific piece of equipment to solve every problem. So why not partner with a third party support company that can do the same thing? Riverstone Technology offers support for all major manufacturers. All of our employees are well versed in offering the best solutions when a company’s EMC devices experience malfunctions.

Why Riverstone?

On top of keeping their data center secure, businesses desire flexibility. What differentiates Riverstone Technology from other third party support companies is our ability to adapt to our customers, instead of making them conform to us. Our four different service level packages allow customers to pay for the services they want, and not the ones they don’t.

The 80% savings that are customers see is 10% more on average than other major third party support providers can offer. All these benefits make resellers a powerhouse when they partner with Riverstone. If you’re interested in using Riverstone to give your clients EMC post-warranty support, call us at 877-819-6757, our speak to a team member live here on our website.