Rethinking Data Center Support For Your Business

There is a natural inclination for businesses to view OEM (original equipment manufacturers) contracts and maintenance as the industry standard. While this is true, failing to look further means missing out on options that can help your business succeed. Shifting from an OEM-centric business mindset to third party support can open up a new world to your data center infrastructure. In this article we will outline how rethinking how you meet your data center support needs will maximize your success.

EOSL? Never Fear

End of service life (EOSL) can be a fearful crossroads for companies. With it comes the threat of unplanned downtime, and the increased cost of device upgrades. EOSL, by definition, represents the time that an OEM deems a device to no longer be useful. At this time they will no longer provide active support or updates for that device. This is because big manufacturing companies like Dell or EMC are just that: manufacturers. They make significantly more profit off of hardware than they do service. To that end, OEMs use EOSL dates as a major selling point for their new product lines. These devices deliver fantastic quality, but they come with the sacrifice of your devices when they may still be useful and successful.

To a third party support provider like Riverstone Technology, EOSL is essentially arbitrary. We are brand-agnostic, which means we have no allegiance to any specific manufacturer. No matter what brands you use for your storage, network, and server support, our only goal is to keep your devices viable as long as possible. Most devices remain successful for several years after their prescribed EOSL date. Getting rid of them in favor of a new device can put your business at a budgetary disadvantage. With Riverstone’s third party support, you can receive the same quality maintenance with up to 80% savings compared to OEMs.

Hardware Not Hardship

Data center support is nothing without the right hardware to build around. If your budget won’t allow for the newest device upgrades from big brands, there is a unique kind of pressure to deliver. Some companies seek out parts from uncertified businesses as a way of saving money. In the long run, this is problematic, because these parts are often faulty and cost time and money when they malfunction. As a result, companies spend a great deal of time doing the research needed to prevent this. Falling into this cycle is unnecessary. Getting the right hardware for your data center shouldn’t be a hardship. By using third party support, you can get certified, pre-owned hardware at affordable costs. By partnering with a reliable third party support provider like Riverstone, you have the assurance that the equipment you are buying has been tested to work as good as new.

Why Riverstone?

When searching for the right third party support provider, reliability is key. More than 1,500 companies across the globe trust Riverstone Technology for their third party data center support. Our services are designed to give your company the flexibility that OEMs can’t, without any sacrifice in quality. We have four tiers of service options. This way, you can pay for the features you want, and not the services you don’t need.

In addition to our top of the line third party support, we offer affordable hardware. All of our equipment is lab tested and certified, ensuring that your data center is business ready at all times. Plus, our engineers are certified too. No matter where you are, our team will deliver service with competence and dependability.

If you are ready to make the switch to Riverstone Technology’s third party support, give us a call. You can reach us at 877-819-6757, or speak to a team member live on our website.