Pure Storage Replacement Parts and Total Cost of Replacements

Pure Storage Replacement Parts and Total Cost of Replacements

Is your Pure Storage array past its official end of service life (EOSL)? There’s nothing wrong with trying to maximize the return on your initial investment by extending its use life past EOSL. And once you realize that Pure’s EOSL has more to do with their profitability than with your hardware’s ability to perform, you’re a leg up on many IT directors. 

But the challenge here is steeper than you realize. It’s about more than finding affordable Pure Storage parts and then relying on your in-house team to handle replacement and configuration. In this post, we’ll highlight the total cost of replacements and why it’s something you probably don’t want to risk.

The Total Cost of Pure Storage Replacement Parts

Just how much does it really cost to replace Pure Storage parts on your own? It’s important to realize that it goes well beyond the sticker price for the part(s) and paying for your employees’ time to handle the replacement. We’ll break it all down for you below:

  1. Part Cost: Obviously, the upfront cost of the part itself is perhaps the most apparent factor here.
  2. Employees’ Time: You’ll need to pay your employees not just to replace the part, but to research which component they need, to find a vendor, and then handle the replacement and configuration once the part arrives.
  3. Shipping: It can take several weeks for parts to ship through many different channels. It can also be very costly.
  4. Problems with Parts: If there are problems with the part, you’re on the hook for additional costs and even more lost time. What sorts of problems might you encounter? Here are just a few of the most common:
    • You order the wrong part
    • You choose an unreliable vendor
    • Your order an incompatible part (even the wrong firmware can mean going back to the beginning.)

In these instances, you’re looking at having to buy another part from another vendor all over again. That results in paying double for the part and the time involved. If the team member handling the ordering and replacement of Pure Storage parts makes $100,000 per year, break that down to find the basic hourly rate and then multiply it by the number of hours spent in this process. As you can see, it’s a considerable amount.

  1. The Cost of Downtime: The wrong part ordered, problems with configuration, failure due to part quality concerns – all of these are real possibilities. Worst of all, they leave your system down. How much money will you lose in that case? And how much will it cost your company if the outage is prolonged? For many businesses, even minor outages can cost immense amounts of money and prolonged outages could result in not just lost money, but in the failure of the business itself.

As can be seen, there are not very many pros to replacing Pure Storage parts on your own. It’s an incredibly risky gamble and one that rarely pays off. Thankfully, there is a better alternative. Working with a third party maintenance provider like Riverstone can help you save money and drive down both the total cost of replacement parts and the risks you face here.

Why Choose Riverstone for Pure Storage Parts Replacement?

All of the problems we outlined above can be avoided with a Riverstone support contract. Our third party support contracts cover full parts replacement and on-site spares kits for any supported faulty hardware, including but not limited to:

  • Power supplies
  • Hard drives
  • Fans
  • Controllers
  • Motherboards
  • Cables
  • CPUs

In addition, you get our NBD (next business day) guarantee for Pure Storage replacement parts so there’s never a worry about experiencing an extended outage. Want a few other reasons to consider Riverstone for Pure Storage third party support?

We Extend the Useful Life of Your Hardware

We help you maximize the useful life of your IT hardware well beyond the official EOL or EOSL date by five to 10 years.

Our Engineers

With Riverstone, you get access to comprehensive, Tier III engineering from Pure Storage system experts

We’re There When You Need Us

You get immediate access to both remote and on-site support, with no escalation procedure or severely level assessments.

Service Delivered Your Way

Choose the level of service you want with our flexible, customizable SLAs. They range from simply NBD parts to 24/7/4hr support with remote monitoring and everything in between.

Global Network

You gain access to our global network of over 1,200 forward-stocking locations. We stock everything from individual components to fully functioning systems.

Reconfiguration and Redeployment Assistance

With Riverstone’s expert reconfiguration and redeployment assistance, you can get the most from your Pure Storage array, no matter what its next application might be.

Flexible Management

You get online portal access for managing assets and opening service tickets quickly and easily. Or, simply call or email your service rep for rapid parts replacement with a personalized touch.

The Answer to Your Pure Storage Parts Challenge

While you can go it alone when it comes to Pure Storage replacement parts, it’s not a route we would advise. It can be incredibly costly and the risks are immense. Plus, it’s not necessary. At Riverstone, we can help you maximize your ROI and the useful life of your IT hardware while reducing both costs and the risks your organization is exposed to. 

It’s time to learn more about how our Pure Storage services can help your organization thrive. Contact us today. Feel free to call us, or chat live with one of our specialists right now. You can also request a quote and we’ll get back to you within minutes.