On the Blog This Week: July 27th - July 31st

On the Blog this Week: July 31st

We finished out July on the blog by discussing hybrid maintenance plans, advantages and concerns surrounding third party maintenance, and defining who Riverstone is as a company. In case you didn’t get the chance to check out our posts this week, we’ve summarized each for your convenience. Continue reading for a July 27th – July 31st weekly wrap-up!

Hybrid Maintenance Plans: How to Add Value to Legacy Systems

A legacy system is any outdated hardware or software that is still in use despite much newer models being available. A legacy system can still meet operational requirements, but doesn’t allow for growth and definitely isn’t able to interact with newer systems. With a hybrid maintenance plan, you don’t have to choose between maintaining these older systems and investing in newer infrastructure. A hybrid strategy will determine which hardware is best left under manufacturer support while transferring older equipment over to a third party support provider. We then outline 3 use cases of a hybrid strategy for adding value to legacy systems. These include meeting increased capacity demands, reducing overall maintenance costs, and opening up opportunities for innovation. Stop spending top dollar on your backup and disaster recovery environments, and consider the value of a hybrid maintenance plan today!

3 Advantages of Nimble Third Party Maintenance

Why are you paying HPE rates for Nimble Storage support when you could receive the same quality support for less? If you’re one of many companies that continue to fall back on HPE for support and warranty services, we urge you to consider what you’re giving up by sticking with the OEM. This post covers the 3 main advantages to Nimble third party maintenance including more affordable maintenance, negligible End of Support Lifes, and rapid parts availability. Keep in mind, not all third party maintenance providers bring the same advantageous features to the table. Riverstone offers 24/7/4hr support, NBD parts, certified engineers, on-site spare kits, and a range of flexible support packages. To learn more about the benefits of Nimble third party maintenance, read the full article here.

About Riverstone Technology: Who We Are

Headquartered in Atlanta, Riverstone Technology is a global provider of third party support services. Since 2012, our services have helped organizations of all sizes and across all industries extend the life of their data center assets. Our mission? To bring optimized alternative solutions to ever growing data center needs. Our vision? To build and maintain an entire network to offer data center solutions to every business, in every location. We then cover brands we support, outline our 3 main services (third party maintenance, hardware services, equipment buyback), and end with our commitment to you. Find out why over 1500 clients around the world trust Riverstone to keep their data center business optimized at all times, and read the full article about us here

3 Concerns Regarding IBM Third Party Maintenance

Choosing a third party provider over the manufacturer isn’t a decision all CIOs are entirely comfortable with. But as IBM prioritizes new offerings like artificial intelligence and machine learning for data centers, regular maintenance fees continue to rise while quality of support remains stagnant. For those that still have their reservations, this article addresses 3 common fears surrounding IBM third party maintenance to prove that the advantages vastly outweigh concerns. We take an in-depth look at third party reliability, data security, and IT expertise. Offering flexible SLAs, 24/7/4hr support, patch management, and brand agnostic engineers, third party maintenance providers like Riverstone work to add value where OEMs like IBM fall short. If you’ve had your doubts concerning IBM third party maintenance, this article is for you!

Stay Tuned Next Week!

We hope you enjoyed this week’s blog topics and were able to gain useful knowledge pertaining to your data center equipment, or just third party maintenance in general. If you have any questions feel free to contact us by phone at 877-819-6757, or speak to one of our experienced service representatives live on our website. Stay tuned next week for EOSL announcements, more advantages/concerns surrounding third party maintenance, and tips for reducing your data center spend.