On the Blog this Week: January 8th

On the Blog this Week: January 8th

It’s a new year on the Riverstone Technology company blog, and we’re so excited about all the content we have planned for our readers! To kick it off, we began with data center trends to expect in 2021, third party maintenance acronyms you should know, and finally an explanation of how our global network of engineers works. Continue reading for a January 4th – January 8th weekly wrap-up!

Looking Ahead: Data Center Trends in 2021

Understanding current data center trends is essential for companies deciding how to most effectively manage the digital infrastructure on which their businesses rely. And while some of the current trends, such as increased digitalization, are not new, the lockdown crisis has certainly amplified them. Six data center trends that will likely impact your business in the coming year include: edge computing, an increased dependence on automation, a rise in colocation, a hybrid-first approach, 5G energy consumption, and sustainability coming to the forefront. 

Third Party Maintenance Acronyms Glossary

Like many industries, third party maintenance has its own set of abbreviations that are well-understood among IT professionals. They aren’t, however, always easily understood among our clients! And almost all of them tend to be in the form of a confusing acronym. Riverstone’s new acronyms glossary shares the long form of such abbreviations, as well as a simplified definition to help our readers understand. Check out the full article to learn the meaning of SSL, HWMA, VAR, AMC, SME, DCIM, ITAD, SLA, EOD and more!

About Riverstone’s Global Network of Certified Engineers

Rivertone employs and contracts over 2000 engineers throughout most major cities worldwide in an effort to meet our customers where they’re at quickly and efficiently. We only work with certified, high-level engineers with extensive, direct OEM experience. In fact, our engineers actually come from the same pool as the OEM’s, so you know their skillsets and knowledge are simply unparalleled! With 1200+ secure stocking locations dispersed across a plethora of major hubs worldwide, you can rest easy knowing a replacement part is always stocked within 50 miles of your data center. So whether you require 24/7/365 monitoring with a maximum 4 hour on-site response time, or simply parts as needed, a Riverstone engineer is never very far. Learn more about the immense difference this global network makes here!

Stay Tuned Next Week!

Our team at Riverstone hopes you enjoyed this week’s blog topics and were able to gain useful knowledge pertaining to third party maintenance, or just the IT industry in general. For hardware or support inquiries please call us at 877-819-6757, speak to a service representatives live on our website, or simply get a quote here!