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It’s Not Me, It’s You: 6 Signs It’s Time to Break Up with your OEM

People often forget that business relationships are just that – a relationship. And with Valentine’s Day around the corner, it may be time to take a hard look at whether or not your relationship with the original equipment manufacturer is meeting your current needs. Here are six signs that indicate your relationship with the OEM is no longer serving you:

1) They’re not willing to adapt to your changing needs, especially in terms of IT budget cuts.

2) Your OEM is consistently unresponsive or has long turn-around times.

3) The quality of OEM support and maintenance has gradually declined as they become “comfortable” with delivering subpar support, and treating you as just another account number.

4) It takes days to receive a replacement for a failed drive, get a technical case manager assigned to your case, or come face-to-face with a field engineer.

5) You’re tired of premature EOSL dates, rigid SLAs, the “shortest” available agreement term being 12 months in duration, and their overall “one-size-fits-all” approach to data center support.

6) Support rates have inflated so much so that you’re now forced to consider a hardware refresh – not based on current system performance – but to avoid climbing maintenance costs! 

Affordable Network Support | Escape SMARTnet with Cisco Third Party Maintenance

Before immediately renewing with Cisco SMARTnet as you likely do year after year, Riverstone urges you to consider a more valuable route – third party maintenance. With little risk and high reward, Cisco third party maintenance offers an extremely cost-effective alternative to direct-manufacturer support. Situations that especially warrant making the switch include: firmware updates have become nonessential, you have numerous same-model Cisco switches, or Cisco SMARTnet support has simply become too costly. At Riverstone, our Cisco third party maintenance includes access to local, Cisco-certified engineers, spares both on-site and stocked within 50 miles of your data center, EOL/EOSL services, global operations, and premium customer service, all while being 40-80% more affordable than SMARTnet. So what are you waiting for? Call or get a quote today! 

5 Tips for Postponing Unnecessary Hardware Refreshes

No SMB can afford to waste money on a hardware refresh right now without a compelling reason. But that should be the mindset when it comes to your data center spend regardless of the current economic environment. Because a refresh should be scheduled to suit your business’s needs—not the OEM’s. Fortunately, there are plenty of steps your organization can take to slow down the refresh cycle. For one, we recommend utilizing both EOL and EOSL support, as this is the most direct way to postpone capital expenditures into new infrastructure. Two, conduct regular hardware audits. Three, stay ahead-of-end of support deadlines (Riverstone’s monthly EOSL update service can help). Four, don’t buy into new hardware for the first 2-3 years if possible. And five, consider creating an IT roadmap for your organization. For further clarification, be sure to check out the full article here!

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