Nimble Third Party Maintenance vs. Nimble Maintenance

Nimble Third Party Maintenance vs. Nimble Maintenance

Founded in 2008, Nimble Storage is a comparatively new organization within the IT industry. Their products are often selected by those seeking the speed of flash storage and efficient data reduction, helping customers experience fewer performance issues and less downtime. Any company that has invested in the industry-leading reliability of Nimble appliances obviously wants the very best for their data center. But while Nimble is a natural candidate for top of the line products, Nimble might not be the smartest choice for maintaining such high-quality hardware after the sale. 

Here’s the deal: original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) like Nimble are in the business of innovation, not maintenance. They earn the majority of their profits by selling new technology, leaving support to be regarded as a secondary, and often overpriced offering. Conversely, third party maintenance providers like Riverstone aren’t preoccupied by product development. Riverstone Technology specializes in affordable and dependable support, maintenance, and warranty services for all of your Nimble devices. With 24/7/4hr support, Riverstone Recertified Nimble hardware, and a global network of expert level engineers all at a fraction of the cost of HPE’s services, there are plenty of reasons to consider third party maintenance before instinctively turning to the OEM for support.

What are the Benefits of Nimble Third Party Maintenance?

There are many benefits to third party support and maintenance, but the overarching theme of all of them is added flexibility. Unlike OEMs, third party providers aren’t constrained by limited warranties, restrictive contracts, or inflexible policies. 

  • For one, we realize that the distinct needs of your data center can’t be grouped into one overly simplistic category. This is why Riverstone offers four different SLAs to choose from. Under our highest service level package, we are able to respond to customer queries within just four hours
  • Secondly, while manufacturers can get bogged down with massive amounts of service requests and phone calls, a third party maintenance solution has local staff dedicated to meeting your specific needs in a timely fashion. With a global network of engineers on standby, on-site spare kits, and 24/7/365 monitoring, our immediate service ensures downtime is minimized at all costs. 
  • Lastly, Riverstone offers co-term support, allowing customers to consolidate all devices onto one contract regardless of differing manufacturers and warranty periods. Whereas OEMs have convoluted practices requiring clients to have a separate contract for each networking device by product, our simplified process streamlines business to promote growth. That’s one contract and one contact for all your data center needs!

What’s the Cost of Nimble Third Party Support?

While the previous advantages are all fantastic, third party support’s greatest claim to fame is likely the immense savings it grants companies. Clients that partner with Rivestone Technology save up to 80% on support in comparison with Nimble, which is another 10% more than other third party maintenance providers can offer. Most importantly, this discount comes at no sacrifice in the quality of hardware or maintenance received. As HPE themselves are raising costs for support renewals – which typically increase year after year – consider Riverstone Technology for alternative support options that help you avoid paying Nimble’s premium rates.

Why Should I Trust a Third Party Maintenance Provider?

A chief concern among companies seeking data center support is the reliability of third party providers. There’s no denying you want the best available support, but opting for third party maintenance doesn’t have to imply cutting corners or skimping on quality. The truth is that qualified third party support providers have the resources to provide the same services as OEMs without the exorbitant fees and service waitlists. More than 1500 clients around the world trust Riverstone Technology to keep their data center business ready at all times. Allow us to take care of the maintenance and upkeep of your essential IT infrastructure so you have the time to focus on more pertinent business efforts.

Do My Nimble Storage Devices Require Extended Support?

When the warranty on your Nimble Storage device has ended, HPE will declare the item “post-warranty” and likely increase the cost of your contract significantly or begin to up-sell your company on their newest offerings to replace it. Neither alternative is ideal, but what if there was a third option? With third party maintenance from Riverstone Technology, you have the opportunity to maximize on that investment and extend the use of your system several years beyond the initial warranty expiration. The key to keeping your Nimble infrastructure viable for as long as possible is knowing which of your devices will require ongoing maintenance and when — stay on top of your warranty coverage and utilize Riverstone’s comprehensive EOSL database to find your Nimble Storage device’s EOSL date today!

The Riverstone Difference

There are plenty of reasons to choose Riverstone over one of our many competitors, but first and foremost we pride ourselves on our highly attentive service. Our experienced team of solutions providers are on call to address each and every data center need in an individualized and accommodating manner. Our partnerships stretch all across the globe, where we have developed relationships with certified multi-platform engineers. In this way, we ensure that no matter where you are or what problem your data center encounters, we’ve got you covered. At Riverstone we value our clients, which is why the success of your data center is our top priority. Consider Riverstone Technology for high-quality, affordable support, whenever and wherever you may need it.

If you’re ready to make the switch to Riverstone for Nimble Storage third party maintenance, or have any further questions about our third party support services, give us a call at 877-819-6757, or visit our website to chat live with an experienced member of the team.