Major EOSL Milestone this May: 499 Juniper Models Reaching End of Service Life!

Major EOSL Milestone this May: 499 Juniper Models Reaching End of Service Life!

Juniper Networks customers need to be on high alert! On May 1st, 2021, almost five hundred different Juniper models will reach their end of support. Popular EX, MX, NetScreen, SRX, T, and WLAN products are included in this significant EOSL milestone. 

But understand Juniper discontinuing support for these networking devices does not mean they must be replaced! If your system is still viable, third party maintenance can come in and seamlessly pick up support to extend their useful life beyond that troublesome EOSL. But how does this work? What does EOSL really mean? And what should your next steps be? Continue reading for answers to these questions and to learn more about Juniper post-warranty support:

Impacted Juniper Models

The 499 impacted models range across these 12 widely-used Juniper Networks series:

What EOSL Means

EOSL marks the date upon which a device has passed its extended warranty phase with the manufacturer and is officially “retired”. This means that come May 1st, Juniper will no longer be supporting the hardware or software for discontinued models within these twelve series. Continuing or renewing your warranty with Juniper will no longer be an option.

However, a majority of these devices are being retired after just 8 years on the market. Doesn’t an eight-year lifespan seem a bit short for such high-quality – not to mention expensive – pieces of networking equipment?

The Truth Behind EOSL

If you answered yes to the previous question, you’re exactly right! If it doesn’t seem fair that after just 5 – 8 years of use Juniper has suddenly left you with a highly-ingrained and optimally functioning device, but no support, that’s because it isn’t! 

Be aware, the above practice is intentional. The OEM industry uses EOL/EOSL terms to indicate lifecycle stages as they relate to technical support, marketing, and development. These terms do not accurately represent current or future equipment performance. Instead, they’re commonly used as scare-tactics to encourage product upgrades/refreshes.

The truth is that most enterprise networking devices can remain productive for 5 to 10 years after their prescribed EOSL date. So if your current Juniper router or switch is operational and your business is dependent on it, why disrupt that with a costly and unnecessary transition. In reality, you might not have to!

Next Steps: Juniper Networks Third Party Support

EOSL may signify the end when it comes to Juniper, but it’s only the beginning of your third party support journey! Third-party providers can seamlessly extend your router or switch’s warranty past the manufacturer’s troublesome EOSL, and for a fraction of the cost! The benefits of this kind of prolonged coverage are abundant:

  • Reduce TCO & Improve ROI

It doesn’t make fiscal sense to ditch a device that’s still successful. And considering that Juniper routers have the potential to function for 5 – 10 years after EOSL, you really shouldn’t! As long as equipment is covered, an extended support option to prolong an asset’s lifecycle could be instrumental in deferring a costly refresh until the necessary budget becomes available. By delaying the procurement of new capital assets for as long as possible, post-EOSL support works to reduce TCO and generate a greater ROI.

  • Avoid Disruption

Networking gear that’s critical to day-to-day operations can’t be replaced without causing major disruption; consider that installing new hardware almost always introduces some measure of uncertainty. And the truth is that no matter how much new infrastructure is researched, unexpected glitches and roadblocks that come up during migration are somewhat unpreventable. So being able to avoid such a disruptive transition is a huge benefit to Juniper post-EOSL support.

  • Save Big

Large manufacturers like Juniper can get away with charging a premium for support without always providing premium service in return. It’s precisely the opposite with Riverstone Technology. We deliver savings of 40% to 80% off the Juniper contract equivalent while incorporating better features and superior support.

  • Tailor Support to Your Unique Needs

Whether you require 24/7/4hr support with remote monitoring, parts as needed, or anything in between, Riverstone has the support package for you! By prioritizing SLA flexibility, we ensure our clients get the services they need without having to spend on the features they don’t. We also offer co-term support, so clients can group all devices onto one contract regardless of differing manufacturers or warranty periods.

Why Riverstone for Juniper Post-Warranty Support?

If you take anything away from this, understand your Juniper device still has a lot of life left. And our team at Riverstone Technology wants to help your company utilize it! Over 1500 companies have partnered with us for exceptional data center support. Offering competitive rates, high-level engineers, and guaranteed 4-hour response, we ensure customers feel valued and their expectations are exceeded. Best of all, companies that choose Riverstone save up to 80% on Juniper post-warranty support. That’s another 10% more than other third party providers can offer!

For further questions or to arrange your Juniper post-EOSL support please call us at 877-819-6757, request a quote, or simply chat live with a member of our team today!