Juniper Third Party Support vs. Sourcing Your Own Juniper Parts

Any business with server, network, or storage equipment is going to place high priority on the security of their data center. Couple this with the need to tighten budgets, and there is a great deal of pressure to make the best choices for your business. Making the upgrade to an original equipment manufacturer (OEM)’s newest device can be too much on the budget, and doing the research to find an alternate provider can be taxing. Consequently, companies sometimes choose the route of self-support, sourcing their parts from independent sellers. Unfortunately, this decision is accompanied by a number of pitfalls. Firstly, your business must expend time and manpower to do the necessary research in finding the best quality products. Even worse, verifying the certification of parts you get on eBay or elsewhere can be almost impossible. As a result, you run the risk of purchasing parts that could cause errors in your data center. We understand that balancing shrinking budgets and flawless data center security is difficult. The dangerous cycle of self-support can make matters harder. Riverstone Technology offers reliable Juniper third party support for your data center. On top of that, Riverstone sells certified parts that your business can rely on, and maintenance packages that save your business money.

Do my Juniper products need extended support?

The continued success of these businesses is contingent upon a trim budget and a business ready data center. This makes for high pressure to find solutions. It is important to first know which of your devices are in need of ongoing maintenance. Information about the end of service life (EOSL) of your Juniper devices is available online. Use this knowledge to stay ahead of the game. If your Juniper network device is officially EOSL, that means its extended warranty has passed, at OEMs will no longer support it. The good news is that Juniper post-warranty support is available at minimal cost from using third party support. Utilizing Juniper third party maintenance solidifies reliable services without forcing your business to buy the newest networking devices. Maximize the return on your investments while saving your company from needless expenses by extending the life of your Juniper devices.

How Much Will My Juniper Services Cost?

Budget restrictions cause huge strains on companies. Knowing the precise costs of doing business with an OEM can aid in your ability to make proper decisions for your company. Keep in mind that Juniper is a manufacturing company, and therefore draws most of its profit from hardware, not maintenance. Third party maintenance providers, on the other hand, are specifically in place to give individualized support to businesses. Riverstone Technology offers a variety of packages meant to meet the needs of your business, not the other way around. Moreover, we sell certified, pre-owned hardware that keep your data center up and running. Operating under the financial weight of post-warranty support from OEMs is frustrating and unnecessary. Instead of scouring eBay and other sources for the missing parts of your data center, consolidate your services and hardware in one place with a third party support company.

What can third party support offer my business?

We understand that your business may have concern regarding the reliability of third party support providers. After all, big OEMs like Juniper provide certainty in what you’re getting for your money. When the foundation of your business is quality service, trusting an unfamiliar company can inspire doubt. Third party support providers like Riverstone Technology work certified engineers that deliver the same quality services that big companies can, at a fraction of the price. With Riverstone Technology, your company will get 24/7/4hr support, certified, pre-owned hardware for affordable prices, and on-site spare kits to keep your data center up and running all of the time.

Why Choose Riverstone?

There are a number of things that differentiate Riverstone Technology from other third party support providers. We pride ourselves on having an exceptional response time. We are able to respond to our customer’s issues within four hours of receiving them. Additionally, we provide immense savings on hardware and support for businesses data centers. Riverstone’s clients save up to 80% on maintenance compared to OEMs like Juniper. That’s 10% more than companies typically save with other third party support companies.

Meeting your company’s bottom line and exceeding expectations is well within reach. By utilizing third party support, you can feel secure in the reliability of your data center. Juniper third party support is available right now to improve your business. If you want to learn more, contact Riverstone technology by phone, 877-819-6757, or speak to one of our experienced team members live on our website.