Is Third Party Support Right For You?

Is Third Party Support Right for You?

You may have heard of third party support before but didn’t quite understand what it’s used for or whom it benefits. Put simply, third party support is a direct replacement of data center support and maintenance by a company that’s not the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of the product, but has the resources to provide the same services. Third party support is most-commonly recognized for:

  1. being at least half the cost of OEMs
  2. extending the life of customers’ stable systems several years beyond the original warranty expiration 

Reliable third party support providers typically provide multiple services through a designated team of solutions providers in conjunction with the expertise of a network of certified engineers; offerings typically include support, maintenance, and warranty services for current new models and end of service life (EOSL) devices, along with pre-owned hardware available for purchase. 

While all that sounds great, how is a company to know if third party support is the right fit for them? This article will touch on some of the most common reasons over 1500 customers have made the switch to Riverstone Technology by addressing four specific cases in which considering third party data center support can add great value to your business.

Lower Overall Support and Maintenance Costs on Your IT Infrastructure

If you’ve been searching for ways to eliminate unnecessary support costs hitting your IT infrastructure budget, then third party support and maintenance may be the best option for you. Unlike the one-size-fits-all approach of OEMs, companies look to Riverstone for guided assistance in selecting the most valuable option for their business’s unique situation. At Riverstone Technology we pride ourselves on flexibility, offering different levels of coverage meant to adapt to your company’s specific needs so you only pay for the services you need, and not the ones you don’t. Our readily available support team is highly skilled in determining which of your data center assets could be better served with third party maintenance on a product-by-product basis, and can easily and seamlessly help you make the switch to greater savings with third party support. Consider partnering with a third party maintenance provider like Riverstone Technology for more responsive support and greater features at a fraction of the cost of the OEM.

EOSL Device Got You Dumped by the OEM?

The situation many companies face when essential data center equipment is deemed EOSL can be incredibly confusing and frustrating. Left with valuable, functioning devices, you’re suddenly threatened with unplanned downtime as the OEM abruptly withdraws both updates and active support. From here the manufacturer will all too readily either offer you their latest model as a replacement, or extend your support contract at a rate much higher than the amount originally purchased with the equipment – neither alternative is ideal. Fortunately to a third party maintenance provider like Riverstone, EOSL is essentially arbitrary. We are brand-agnostic, meaning we have no allegiance to any one manufacturer. No matter which brands you use for your storage, network, or server support, our only goal is to keep these devices viable for as long as possible. Most devices can actually remain successful for several years after their prescribed EOSL date, but since OEMs make significantly more off of hardware than service, manufacturers use these strict deadlines as selling points to push new product lines. Consider extended third party support from Riverstone Technology to prolong the use of your systems years beyond the initial warranty expiration without breaking the bank.

Not Happy With Rising OEM Support Costs?

You may be accustomed to an increase in support costs upon the expiration of your equipment’s original support contract, but do you ever wonder why support costs inflate each year? The real reason OEM support costs continue to rise are because technology manufacturers are in the business of replacing equipment every few years. They make their profits by building and selling new equipment, not continuing to maintain the asset after the sale. Meanwhile, third party maintenance providers exist for the sole purpose of extending the life of data center equipment through tailored support at extremely affordable prices. Companies that partner with Riverstone Technology save up to 80% on support compared with OEMs — that’s another 10% more than companies typically save with other third party maintenance providers. Most importantly, this price reduction comes at no sacrifice in the quality of support our clients receive. Understanding the cost of doing business with OEMs can help you make more informed decisions regarding data center support for your business. To avoid the needless markup typical of OEMs and save on excellent support, contact our team at Riverstone Technology today.

Have Functioning Equipment but Feel Pressure to Upgrade or Replace?

Sick of constant pressure from the OEM to upgrade or completely replace your data center equipment? This forced sense of urgency from OEMs is a common tactic among major manufacturers as a means of influencing customers into spending large sums on a product upgrade or replacement – but it may not be a necessity. With third party maintenance from Riverstone, you can avoid the unnecessary upgrade expenditures on well-functioning equipment as encouraged by the OEM. Replacing essential infrastructure can cost millions of dollars every few years, but a third party maintenance and support option to prolong existing equipment could be incredibly valuable in helping push that big purchase further into the future. Before giving into the profit-driven recommendation of the OEM, understand there are a wide range of possible solutions with third party maintenance all aimed at deferring costly, nonessential upgrades for as long as possible.

Why Riverstone?

There are plenty of reasons to choose Riverstone Technology for your third party support needs, but first and foremost we pride ourselves on having an exceptional response time. With our most comprehensive package, we are able to respond to customers’ data center issues within just four hours of receiving them. When partnered with us, your company can expect 24/7/365 support as well as on-site spare kits to remedy common equipment malfunctions in your data center. Our attentive team of experienced solution providers are skilled in swiftly responding to clients’ needs on an individualized basis, and work closely with our expert level engineers to service your equipment quickly regardless of the location worldwide. With a single support number to dial in times of need, you can rest easy knowing our attentive team has got you covered.

To learn more, contact us by phone at (877) 819-6757, or speak to one of our experienced staff members live on our website.