International Data Center Day: What’s Next For the Industry?

The end of October will see the first ever International Center Day, an event intended to bring awareness the growing data center industry and all of the people like you that make it possible. Part of its purpose is to address a lack of talent and manpower in the industry today. The holiday, officially slated for October 29th, was the brainchild of 7×24 Exchange International, and was announced during their annual Fall Conference. Caterpillar Inc.’s marketing manager, Juli Ierulli, said the goal of the event is to: “raise awareness of the data center industry and share the vast variety of careers that are available for the next generation of professionals. . .we are helping to ensure the future of the industry.”

Getting a new wave of skilled laborers, and to maximize public visibility for the data center industry on the whole seem to be the primary objectives of the initiative. In addition, the following goals were laid out from the outset:

  1. Distribute information regarding what data centers are, their functions, and what they mean to businesses everywhere.
  2. Display how important the industry is to the daily lives of everyone, whether or not they are business owners.
  3. Give resources and information about the availability of careers as a data center professional, and how to begin seeking a career in the field.
  4. Develop greater opportunities to recruit employees over the long term to ensure the success of data centers.

Students in internet technology fields are one of the primary targets of the initiatives. To that end, part of the International Data Center Day activities will be the opening of data center doors by companies everywhere to host tours showcasing the ins and outs of data center infrastructures and how they are run.

Resources are becoming increasingly available for those interested in the field to find entry level positions or more prominent ones. The Data Center Frontier Jobs website has made a master list of many current job openings in the data center industry. Through it, you can narrow your job search by way of location, “Client Designation,” and “Discipline.” Everything from facility operations to field service jobs are available for application through the website.

Riverstone Technology is a leading provider of third party support in the data center industry. We aim to exemplify all of what can make the data center industry great. Inspiring the next generation begins with a commitment to quality, and an understanding of what it takes to succeed in the IT and data center industry. Riverstone will continue to pave the way in the industry, and bring awareness to the critical role that data center professionals play in the business world at large.