IBM Power7 Third Party Support is Available From Riverstone Technology

Anyone in charge of their company’s data center needs are surely aware of the latest technology upgrades. Keeping up to date on IT news and devices is a key part of keeping a successful data center infrastructure. You may already be aware that on September 30th, IBM will no longer be supporting its Power7 series. This is a significant date, since many companies around the world still trust their Power7 server devices for reliable network service. Moreover, some of IBM’s PowerLinux and Blade series will be losing manufacturer support as well. You can find out more information about IBM Power7 EOSL online. This all begs the question: what’s next? How can your Power7 devices get support without having to break the bank on upgrading to the Power8 or Power9 series? IBM Power7 third party support from Riverstone Technology can help. We aim to keep reliable maintenance on your devices for many years past their end of service life date.

Are You Prepared?

Anytime that a device goes EOSL, it’s original equipment manufacturer strongly encourages an upgrade to their newer product lines. To that end, IBM has been reminding customers of all the benefits of their Power8 and Power9 devices. Unfortunately, while OEMs offer quality products and services, it is not always fiscally realistic to upgrade. Plus, it doesn’t make sense to ditch your Power7 device while it’s still operational.

Another issue that businesses encounter in the process of upgrading is a lull in service. There is usually a gap between the abandonment of one device in favor of another. This period of being unprotected can be costly. Unplanned downtime is the biggest problem a data center can experience. Going without service for any length of time is to be avoided as much as possible.

If you want to keep your Power7 as the foundation for your data center infrastructure, it is vital that your company be prepared. We understand that developing a plan for reliable, continuous support can be overwhelming. Third party support from Riverstone can help.

Why Should I Consider Third Party Support?

The process of diligent research into the proper provider for your business is time consuming, so it makes sense to first understand the advantages of doing so. How can third party support deliver industry quality and save me money at the same time? How can I find the best provider for my business?

One weakness of OEMs like IBM is that they are hamstrung by huge restrictions on the flexibility they can offer their customers. As a result, structuring SLAs with them can be immensely frustrating and complicated. A major strength of third party maintenance providers like Riverstone Technology is that they are intentionally designed to be flexible, and adapt to your business. From simple SLAs to co-termination, third party maintenance is a true partner to your business.

Savings is probably the chief concern of your company. If you are in charge of managing your company’s budget, the pressure to deliver is massive. Arguably the best benefit of IBM Power7 third party support from Riverstone Technology is the savings that accompany it. Customers who partner with Riverstone Technology save up to 80% on their budget compared to paying direct from the OEM. Loosening the budget helps you to grow in the other important areas of business.

Why Choose Riverstone?

On top of the savings that Riverstone offers, we offer the security and peace of mind your company is looking for. Our partnerships stretch all across the globe, where we have developed relationships with top of the line, certified engineers. In this way, we ensure that no matter where you are, or what problem your business encounters, you will be met with quality and competence.

More than 1,500 companies around the world trust Riverstone Technology for support and maintenance in the data center. We offer varying levels of service packages so that your company can pay for the services it needs, and not for features it doesn’t. Our 24/7/365 support and guaranteed four hour response time set us apart from other IBM third party maintenance providers.

If you are ready to choose Riverstone, or have questions regarding how we can help, give us a call at 877-819-6757, or speak to a representative live on our website.