How Data Center Storage Benefits from Third Party Maintenance

How Data Center Storage Benefits From Third Party Maintenance

Purchasing storage equipment directly from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is undeniably expensive, and the storage support that goes along with it can be costly too. But the manufacturer isn’t your only option for high quality storage hardware and support. Third party maintenance (TPM) is an increasingly popular alternative to manufacturer support services for providing companies with storage benefits that would be otherwise unattainable through the OEM. With 24/7/4hr support, Riverstone Recertified parts, and an experienced team of support engineers all at a fraction of the cost of OEM services, TPM from Riverstone Technology offers a plethora of storage benefits.

Conforming to the manufacturer’s inflexible policies and warranties ends now: third party solutions for storage support should adapt to your unique budget and IT environment — not the other way around! Bottom line, partnering with a third party support company can grant your company benefits and savings that OEMs cannot. Discussed below are some reasons to consider third party maintenance for all your storage needs:

Global Resources

When the success of your business depends on the functionality of your data center, you can’t afford to wait days at a time for a response from the OEM. But while manufacturers are swamped with service requests, TPM providers have local engineers on hand to quickly respond when an emergency arises. By developing partnerships with engineers around the world, Riverstone Technology offers the advantage of immediate action. With a global network of over 2000 expert level engineers, we can guarantee onsite assistance no matter your location worldwide. We’re all about maximizing uptime, which is why we offer a 24×7 help desk and on-site spare kits to remedy common equipment malfunctions. What’s more, under our most attentive service package we can respond to data center queries with a certified engineer in just 4 hours. That makes for unmatched service anytime, anywhere. For highly responsive support on all current, EOL, or EOSL storage hardware, choose Riverstone Technology. 

Hardware When You Need It

TPM providers have access to all the same storage equipment as most major manufacturers through extensive resource channels. Qualified vendors like Riverstone will meticulously test their refurbished hardware to deliver reliable HDDs, SSDs, fibre channels, all-flash arrays, and other commonly replaced storage components. Our claim of Riverstone Recertified ensures that our pre-owned hardware has been reset to its original factory specifications, and then tested in a lab to verify the equipment meets both the OEM’s and Riverstone’s standards. Plus, there’s little risk in making the switch to third party; Riverstone offers one of the best warranties found in the industry with an automatic 1 year Next Business Day Warranty included on all hardware sales.

Another advantage to our global partnerships is the speed with which we can deliver replacement parts; rather than waiting on hardware to be shipped across the globe from the manufacturer, we can ensure our clients receive equipment quickly from a provider nearest to them. Consider refurbished hardware from Riverstone Technology for affordable access to the parts you need, when you need them!

Make Your Budget Go Further

Maintenance has the ability to take up to two-thirds of your IT budget, so finding ways to save without sacrificing quality is a top priority for any data center manager. One major advantage of third party maintenance is the savings that accompany it. Businesses that partner with Riverstone save up to 80% on storage support and hardware costs in comparison with OEMs. This is another 10% more savings on average than other third party maintenance providers can offer. Plus, this price decrease comes without any sacrifice in quality of maintenance or hardware received. Get the most out of your data center investments and make the switch to third party support today!

Holistic Solutions from Experienced Technicians

OEMs employ qualified engineers, but their technicians are typically only proficient in the technology that employs them. They’ll troubleshoot, and if they can’t easily correct the fault they’ll point to outside variables their manufacturer has no control over. Conversely, TPM engineers thrive in that gray area. The cross-platform training Riverstone’s engineers receive gives them an advantage in the field, allowing them to walk into any data center environment and analyze complex, multivendor IT challenges. We employ experts at your brand, but unlike the OEM our team also has certified engineers for every other major manufacturer, so we’ll never blame someone else’s product then leave without solving the problem. For more holistic storage support solutions and engineers with in-depth product knowledge across multiple manufacturers, consider Riverstone Technology.

Partner With Riverstone

Riverstone Technology specializes in flexible maintenance, support, and warranty services for most all major OEM branded storage systems including Data Domain, DellEMC, HPE Nimble Storage, IBM, and NetApp devices. Whether your systems have been deemed EOSL or the equipment has reached its original warranty expiration date, Riverstone can provide you with quality third party maintenance options to prolong the useful life of your storage equipment. 

More than 1500 clients around the world depend on Riverstone to keep their data center business ready at all times. That’s because they know that we value reliability and flexibility above all. Unlike OEMS, we offer a multitude of service level packages meant to adapt to your data center’s specific coverage needs – so you pay the services you want, and not the ones you don’t.

Riverstone wants to help your business reach its full potential. For more information on the storage benefits of third party maintenance, feel free to call us at 877-819-6757, or speak to one of our experienced team members live on our website.