Hitachi Third Party Support | Save Up to 80% on Hitachi Support, Only at Riverstone

Hitachi Third Party Support | Save Up to 80% on Support, Only at Riverstone

Do you have a Hitachi Vantara Support renewal that’s set to expire in the near future? Are you tired of paying that excessive rate without experiencing any real benefits in return? Before immediately renewing with Hitachi like always, we urge you to consider a more valuable route – third party maintenance. With little risk and high reward, Hitachi third party support offers an extremely cost-effective alternative to direct-manufacturer support. If year after year you feel trapped by Hitachi’s unreasonable renewal rates, continue reading below: 

3 Scenarios that Indicate You’re a Prime Candidate for Riverstone’s Hitachi Third Party Support:

1. Your Current TPM Provider Cannot Support Your Hitachi Model

Other competitors may promote third-party Hitachi support services, but when it comes time to obtain a quote they regret to inform you that their engineers actually can’t support your specific model of equipment. Fortunately, if you’re reading this it means you’ve come to the right place! Riverstone Technology has been successfully supporting our customers’ valued Hitachi systems since 2018. Simply shoot us a message with your system’s make, model, and HUS report, and we’ll get back to you with a detailed explanation and quote same day!  

2. Your Hitachi Equipment is Going EOL

Perhaps the most valuable time to make the switch to Hitachi third party support is during years 4-6, when equipment is approaching or has been deemed EOL. That’s because 4 years after a product release is typically when the OEM raises maintenance costs significantly, spare parts become more available, and the need for software updates has diminished. At this point, Hitachi Vantara has switched focus to supporting newer models they’ve brought to market and are looking to incentivize hardware refreshes. At this point, the risks of third party support are minimal and the rewards are significant. Riverstone can seamlessly pick up support at either EOL or EOSL, offering flexible solutions to maintain the stability of your environment for years after Hitachi has dropped the model. In most cases, we’re able to extend the useful life of our clients’ equipment 5-10 years beyond EOSL! 

3. Hitachi Vantara Support is Simply Too Expensive

At the end of the day, there’s one main reason our Hitachi third party support is so popular: money! Our services simply require less of it, but did you ever wonder why? Understand that third party maintenance providers don’t have to make sizable investments into research and development as OEMs do. With an exclusive focus on the support operations side of the industry, we’re able to streamline processes and keep costs considerably low. 

Our Hitachi support contracts are typically anywhere from 40% – 80% less than manufacturer equivalent, helping to create room within normally strict IT budgets. Contrary to this affordability, Riverstone possesses a wider variety of skills and experience with multiple manufacturer brands, as well as more flexible service level agreements. With all resources devoted to maximizing uptime and extending the useful life of data center assets, you can feel confident that you’re receiving the highest quality support at the best price on the market.

Heads Up! Hitachi Vantara Phasing Out VSP G1000/G1500 Storage Systems

Hitachi has announced that the VSP G1000 is going End of Service Life on June 30, 2022. They also recently withdrew the VSP G1500 from sales and declared an EOSL date of September 30, 2025 in the product lifecycle matrix. These announcements make it a perfect time to consider moving these valuable storage systems over to a third party support provider such as Riverstone Technology.

The Hitachi Third Party Support Experience | Riverstone Technology

Turning over Hitachi support to Riverstone Technology is a seamless transition. And with a base price tag over $200,000 for the VSP series,— there’s ample economic reason to strive for a longer useful life! Some of the benefits experienced by making the switch to Riverstone for Hitachi third party support include:

  • Access to Local, Hitachi-Certified Engineers

Tired of having to listen to an hour of hold music just to get in contact with a Hitachi support representative. Yeah, we don’t blame you. At Riverstone, our service representatives answer in just seconds, and can assign an experienced, Hitachi-certified engineer to your account in minutes. We only work with certified, high-level engineers with extensive, direct OEM experience. In fact, our Hitachi engineers actually come from the same pool as Hitachi Vantara, so you know their skillsets and knowledge are simply unparalleled!

  • Local Secure Stocking Locations (SSLs)

With over 1200 SSLs globally and on-site spare kits available under each of our SLAs, Riverstone keeps customers covered even during the most time-sensitive equipment malfunctions. These parts depots are conveniently dispersed across a plethora of major cities worldwide, so you can rest easy knowing a replacement part is always stocked within 50 miles of your data center. This combination of quick engineer response and accessible spares accelerates break-fixes.

  • Same Premium Hitachi Support, Minus the Markup

Like Hitachi Vantara, the standard Riverstone support contract includes our 24/7/365 help desk, call home monitoring, ticket creation portal, on-site spares, Hitachi-certified engineers, NBD parts, and highly personalized service. The only difference? It’s 40–80% less expensive than the Hitachi contract equivalent.

  • We’re Global!

Riverstone operates throughout North America, EMEA, APAC, and Latin America to serve 4000+ customers. And with strategic offices in 20 countries (US, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, United Kingdom to name a few), 1200+ SSLs, and access to 2500+ certified engineers, our vast network ensures no matter where you’re located or what problem your Hitachi equipment encounters, we’ve got you covered. 

  • EOL and EOSL Support

Whether end-of-life or end-of-service-life, Riverstone can extend your Hitachi’s warranty coverage past that troublesome deadline to greatly reduce TCO and improve ROI!

  • Superior Customer Service

A business model that’s exclusively focused on support means processes are streamlined; this in turn improves performance, responsiveness, and time to resolution while reducing costs. Engineers aren’t pressured to sell product. Management isn’t preoccupied with hardware development. Sales reps are solely dedicated to customer satisfaction. Everyone is working to ensure clients get what they need, when they need it, for the price they need it at, with no complications or frustration.

Interested? For questions/concerns/inquiries on Riverstone’s Hitachi third party support please contact us by phone at (877) 819-6757, request a non-obligatory quote, or simply live chat with a support representative on our website. Once you experience the benefits, you’ll wonder why you didn’t escape Hitachi Vantara sooner!