F5 Networks BIG-IP Products Reaching EoTS in January: What's Next?

F5 Networks BIG-IP Products Reaching EoTS in January: What’s Next?

This is your reminder that the BIG-IP 11000/11050 FIPS Platforms and SSD Options from F5 Networks reached EoTS on January 1st, 2021. The models that are now officially out of service include:

The good news is it’s not too late to secure extended support and warranty services on these critical networking platforms. Just because F5 has shifted focus to supporting newer product lines doesn’t mean you should have to as well. F5 Networks third party maintenance is available from Riverstone, and promises affordable, flexible support options aimed at extending the useful life of your BIG-IP device beyond EoTS.

If you’ve allowed for a hazardous lapse in equipment coverage, continue reading to learn more about the benefits of post-EoTS support:

What EoTS Means

End of Technical Support marks the end of a product’s extended support phase with the OEM. F5 specifies a platform’s EoTS as seven years after its End of Sale date. While F5 claims they offer customer access to software updates on a “reasonable best effort” basis until the EoTS date, F5 Technical Support is under no obligation to support software versions after this EoTS. Thus, January 1st signifies the end of any maintenance services or software updates from F5 for the BIG-IP 11000/11050 product series.

EoTS can be a stressful time for many businesses. Left with valuable, functioning devices, the stability of your data center is suddenly threatened as the OEM abruptly withdraws all support. But if your current BIG-IP 11000/11050 platform is operational and your business is dependent on it, why disrupt that with a costly and complicated transition? With the assistance of a third party maintenance provider, you might not have to!

Can Your BIG-IP Platform Function After EoTS?

Though you received a 3 or 5-year warranty with the purchase of your BIG-IP platform, that’s not actually the physical lifespan of your networking system. The truth is that most devices can actually remain productive for several years after their prescribed EoTS date

What then, if anything, is the purpose of EoTS? Recall, OEMs like F5 are in the business of hardware sales – not continuing to maintain assets after the sale. Thus, manufacturers use these strict deadlines to incentive upgrades to their newer, and more lucrative, product lines. Incidentally, with the elimination of the 110000 series, F5 Networks has begun to increasingly promote their “latest and greatest” iSeries FIPS Models. 

Faced with a strict budget, pressure to upgrade, and growing data center needs, it’s not surprising that with EoTS comes a sense of urgency and chaos – but it doesn’t have to be this way. Third party maintenance offers affordable extended support alternatives to relieve the unnecessary pressure brought on by EoTS.

How BIG-IP Post-EoTS Support Can Help

EoTS may signify the end when it comes to F5, but it’s only the beginning of your third party support journey! Third party support can seamlessly extend your BIG-IP warranty coverage past the manufacturer’s troublesome EoTS, and for a fraction of the cost. How? Third party support providers like Riverstone are brand agnostic, meaning we don’t have an allegiance to any one manufacturer’s products. Our only objective is to keep your data center equipment functional for as long as possible to ensure you achieve the maximum possible ROI. This often works to extend equipment’s useful life by 5-10 years! 

With the need to find budgetary savings higher than ever, the benefits of third party support are self-evident:

  1. Fantastic savings; maximize ROI and reduce TCO while saving on support by as much as 40% – 80% compared to the F5 contract equivalent.
  2. Flexible service level agreements; your extended support contract will adapt to you, rather than forcing you to adapt to your provider. This level of freedom can alleviate a great deal of the pressure you may be facing to save money and grow at the same time.
  3. Ability to hold onto devices beyond EoTS; replacing essential infrastructure can cost millions of dollars every few years; a post-EoTS support option to extend the useful life of existing equipment could be strategic in helping postpone an expensive replacement until the necessary budget becomes available.

The Riverstone EoTS Experience:

More than 1500 companies have partnered with Riverstone Technology for unparalleled data center support. That’s because they know we value reliability, affordability, and flexibility above all else. Best of all, organizations that choose Riverstone save up to 80% on F5 Networks support and hardware — that’s 10% more on average than competitors can offer! 

Is your organization in need of BIG-IP 11000/11050-FIPS post-EoTS support? For questions or to arrange your F5 extended support contract please contact us by phone at 877-819-6757, send us a message, or chat live with a member of the team right now!