Dell Third Party Maintenance vs. Dell Maintenance

Dell Third Party Maintenance vs. Dell Maintenance

It’s only natural for businesses to view OEM (original equipment manufacturer) maintenance as the industry standard when it comes to data center support. While this may be true, failing to look beyond Dell offerings could mean missing out on opportunities for your company to save big and streamline otherwise complicated SLAs (service-level agreements). In this article, we’ll touch on some of the significant differences between utilizing the OEM and a Dell third party maintenance provider. Industry leaders like Dell will typically focus their efforts on providing the newest technology offerings and up-selling that equipment to companies on already stretched budgets, resulting in increased support costs for customers that elect maintenance over a product upgrade. But with a third party maintenance provider like Riverstone Technology, providing timely, quality maintenance lies at the core of our service. We’re highly experienced in keeping current equipment covered, but we’re ready to help with expansion as well. We offer certified, pre-owned Dell parts, employ expert level engineers, and utilize a personable solutions team skilled in swiftly responding to clients’ needs. While OEM services are still an option, there are many benefits to third party maintenance that make the simple, cost-effective experience of working with a third party support team a more valuable alternative for your business.

Do My Dell Devices Require Extended Third Party Maintenance?

When your Dell server, network, or storage equipment is officially declared EOSL (end of service life) by the manufacturer, Dell will all too readily offer you their latest model as a replacement, with shiny new features and a premium price tag. EOSL, by definition, represents the time that an OEM deems a device to no longer be useful, and thus marks the end of both updates and active support from the manufacturer. In reality, your equipment can function long-past the original warranty expiration, but as OEMs make significantly more off of hardware than service, EOSL dates are used as a major selling point for new product lines. With third party maintenance from Riverstone Technology, you have the opportunity to maximize on your investment and extend the use of your systems several years beyond the initial warranty expiration. The key to keeping your essential Dell infrastructure viable for as long as possible is knowing which of your devices will require ongoing maintenance and when stay ahead of the game and utilize Riverstone Technology’s comprehensive EOSL database to check out your Dell device’s EOSL date today!

What’s the Cost of Dell Third Party Maintenance?

Perhaps the greatest benefit of utilizing Dell third party maintenance is the immense savings that come with it. At Riverstone Technology, we understand better than most the stress of keeping your company’s budget in check. Facing constant pressure to maximize data center uptime while simultaneously juggling budget cuts and growing data center needs, affording Dell’s exorbitant maintenance rates can be a huge burden. Fortunately, third party maintenance providers like Riverstone exist to provide flexible support at extremely affordable prices. Companies that partner with Riverstone Technology can see up to 80% savings on third party maintenance for Dell support when compared with the OEM. That’s 10% more on average than other third party maintenance providers can offer. Most importantly, this discount comes at no reduction in the quality of hardware or maintenance received. It’s simply certified parts that you can count on, and support packages that save your business money, so you have the budget to invest where it matters most.

What Are the Benefits of Dell Third Party Maintenance?

One of the lesser known advantages of partnering with a third party maintenance provider is the added flexibility. OEMs have much stricter SLA guidelines than third party maintenance providers, and consequently their restrictive contracts present customers with much less room to work and grow. What’s more, in the event your data center consists of equipment belonging to different product lines, an OEM like Dell would require you to have separate SLAs for each — a highly inconvenient and frustrating practice. Being that we are brand agnostic, at Riverstone Technology you can consolidate and co-term all of your Dell devices onto one simple contract regardless of differing product lines and warranty periods. Streamline the needs of your business today and allow our team to consolidate all of your Dell devices onto one SLA!

Why Should I Trust a Third Party Maintenance Provider?

A chief concern among companies seeking data center support is the reliability of third party maintenance. You’ve invested heavily in your data center equipment and want the best support you can find, but opting for third party maintenance doesn’t have to imply cutting corners and skimping on quality. At Riverstone Technology, we understand the importance of maximizing uptime, and thousands of customers trust us daily to keep their data centers up and running at optimum efficiency. When partnered with us, your company can expect 24/7/365 support, certified, pre-owned Dell hardware at affordable prices, as well as on-site spare kits to remedy common equipment malfunctions in your data center. Our attentive team of experienced solution providers are skilled in responding to clients’ needs on an individualized basis, and work closely with our certified engineers to service your equipment quickly no matter the location worldwide. With a single support number to dial in times of need, you can rest easy knowing our attentive solutions team has got you covered.

Why Riverstone?

Riverstone Technology is different from other Dell third party maintenance providers. We pride ourselves on having an exceptional response time. With our most comprehensive package, we are able to respond to customers’ data center issues within four hours of receiving them. Additionally, we offer four different levels of coverage meant to adapt to your company’s specific needs — not the other way around. This way you pay for the components you want, and not the services you don’t. 

Beyond our top of the line third party maintenance, we offer affordable hardware. All of our equipment is lab tested and certified, ensuring your data center is business ready at all times. Plus, our engineers are certified too. No matter where you are worldwide, our team will deliver quality service with competence and dependability.

If you are ready to make the switch to third party support for your Dell server, network, and storage products, give us a call at 877-819-6757, or chat live with an experienced member of the team on our website.