Benefits of Third Party Network Support

Benefits of Third Party Network Support

Facing restrictive budgets and growing data center needs, finding ways to cut costs has become a top priority for most IT managers. And for many companies, third party network support is the best place to start. Network maintenance and support costs actually make up 70% of the average company’s IT budget. And that’s just to maintain the current network, or simply “keep the lights on”. With a limited budget, you need your network support to do more than just keep your connection up and running.

This is where third party support comes in! Third party maintenance is an increasingly popular alternative to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) services. Offering flexible contracts, pre-owned hardware, and experienced engineers all at a fraction of the cost of OEM services, third party support solutions are advantageous where manufacturer services fall short. Conforming to the OEM’s inflexible policies and warranties ends now: third party network support should adapt to your unique budget and IT environment — not the other way around! Discussed below are some reasons to consider third party maintenance for all your networking needs:

Extended Equipment Lifespan

While many OEMs will advise you to replace networking hardware before its EOL date, most equipment can actually remain operative well beyond End of Service Life (EOSL). Don’t let the withdrawal of support from the manufacturer force you to prematurely toss valuable switches or routers. Third party providers are brand-agnostic, meaning no matter which OEM branded networking system you use, their only goal is to keep it viable for as long as possible. Many third party maintenance providers can support older hardware up to 10 years after its EOL date, effectively extending the equipment’s lifespan and postponing a significant replacement cost. For reliable third party network support long after Cisco or Juniper has deemed a product EOSL, consider Riverstone Technology.

Flexible Coverage

Of all the weaknesses of OEM services, a lack of flexibility tends to be the most frustrating for businesses. Your data center is complex, and there shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all approach to network support. That’s why third party providers like Riverstone offer flexible Service Level Agreements (SLAs) designed to adapt to the specific needs of your data center. Whether you require 24/7/365 monitoring with a 4 hour maximum response time, or simply parts as needed, Riverstone has a support plan for your business. This way you only pay for the services you need, and avoid the ones you don’t. Furthermore, Riverstone offers co-term support solutions, permitting clients to consolidate all devices onto one contract regardless of differing manufacturers and warranty periods. Consider third party network support for service on your own terms!

Single Provider, Holistic Solutions

Perhaps the most overlooked benefit of third party maintenance is having a single provider to support multiple vendors. OEMs employ qualified engineers, but their technicians are typically only proficient in the technology that employs them. Meanwhile, third party support engineers are well-versed in most all major OEM branded equipment. This cross-platform training ensures they can walk into any data center environment and accurately analyze complex, multi vendor challenges. Because Riverstone’s technicians are skilled in solving a broader range of issues, we can offer more holistic solutions to our clients. Consider Riverstone Technology for certified engineers with the experience to handle any problem your network system may encounter. 

Lower Expenditures

Maintenance has the ability to take up to two-thirds of your IT budget, so finding ways to save without sacrificing quality is a chief concern for any data center manager. One major advantage of third party maintenance is the savings that accompany it. Businesses that partner with Riverstone save up to 80% on network support and hardware costs in comparison with OEMs like Brocade or Cisco. Plus, this price decrease comes at no sacrifice in the quality of maintenance or hardware received. Get the most out of your data center investments and make the switch to third party network support today!

Impressive Response Time

By developing partnerships with engineers around the world, Riverstone offers the advantage of immediate action. With a global network of over 2000 expert level engineers, we can guarantee onsite assistance no matter your location worldwide. We’re all about maximizing uptime, which is why we offer a 24×7 help desk and on-site spare kits to remedy common network malfunctions. What’s more, under our most attentive service package we can respond to data center queries with a certified engineer in just 4 hours. That makes for unmatched service anytime, anywhere. For highly responsive support on all current, EOL, or EOSL networking hardware, choose Riverstone Technology. 

Partner with Riverstone

Riverstone Technology specializes in affordable maintenance, support, and warranty services for most all major OEM branded networking hardware including Brocade, Cisco, and Juniper devices. Whether your systems have been deemed EOSL or the equipment has reached its original warranty expiration, Riverstone can provide you with high quality third party maintenance options to prolong the useful life of your network equipment. 

More than 1500 clients around the world depend on Riverstone to keep their data center business ready at all times. That’s because they know that we value reliability and flexibility above all. Riverstone wants to help your business reach its full potential. For more information on the benefits of third party network support, feel free to call us at 877-819-6757, or speak to one of our experienced team members live on our website.