Arrange Post-EOSL Support for IBM Netezza

Arrange Post-EOSL Support for IBM Netezza

Companies with IBM Netezza systems installed in their data centers need to act quickly. End of Service Life (EOSL) for all Netezza Striper versions arrives on June 30, 2020. This leaves a mere two weeks to organize and secure post-EOSL support on this data warehousing appliance. Meanwhile, a lapse in coverage of any length could mean risking unplanned downtime or even data loss. Don’t let your Netezza Striper infrastructure go without it! 

Post-EOSL support exists to extend the life of your Netezza Striper device, and is only available from a qualified third party maintenance provider. Riverstone Technology is a leading global provider of affordable third party IBM support and hardware solutions. Riverstone works to lessen the pressure brought on by this abrupt retraction of coverage by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Our team is highly experienced in helping clients transition their essential IBM systems over to a third party support plan with competence and ease. End of service life doesn’t have to mean the end for your Netezza Striper system anymore!

What EOSL Means for Your Netezza Device

EOSL stands for “end of support life” or “end of service life” and marks the time when a device has passed its extended warranty date and is no longer viewed as functional by the OEM. This means that in just 14 days, IBM will be withdrawing both active support and updates on all IBM Netezza Striper devices. Continuing or renewing your warranty will no longer be a possibility. While IBM wants you to think your only option from here is to upgrade to their latest, most expensive model, third party maintenance firms can provide companies in this very predicament with a more valuable alternative to that immediate replacement expenditure.

Here’s what IBM doesn’t want you to know: your Netezza Striper model can actually remain productive for several years after its prescribed EOSL date of June 30th. While you likely purchased a warranty for 1, 3, or 5 years, this is not actually the physical lifespan of most devices. This discrepancy is due to the fact that IBM is in the business of innovation, not maintaining an asset after the sale. End of support life dates work to encourage the former – the more lucrative hardware sales. With post-EOSL support, you don’t have to feed into the profit-driven tactics of the OEM any longer.

 How Post-EOSL Support Can Help

Unlike IBM, third party maintenance providers are exclusively in the business of maintaining your data center equipment – it’s what we do best. Beyond just freeing our customers from burdensome EOSL dates, keeping your IBM Netezza Striper device in service also works to maximize your return on investment. Moreover, replacing essential infrastructure can cost millions of dollars every few years; a post-EOSL support option to extend the useful life of existing equipment could be strategic in helping push that big purchase further into the future. 

With Riverstone Technology, turning over equipment to a third party support plan can be seamless. Beyond extending the useful life of your EOSL equipment, some of the advantages customers experience by making the switch to Riverstone third party maintenance include:

  • Four flexible service levels, choose the support package that best suits your data center’s needs
  • Guaranteed 4 hour response window under our most comprehensive SLA
  • Savings of up to 80% in comparison with that of IBM
  • 10% more savings on average than other third party support providers
  • A global network of certified engineers, experienced in multi-platform environments and available on-site no matter your location worldwide 
  • Co-term support permits clients to consolidate all devices onto one contract regardless of differing manufacturers and warranty periods
  • Unmatched service – our highly experienced solutions providers are standing by to answer your questions right now!

Be Proactive

While the Netezza Striper versions are set to reach EOSL in just two weeks, not all Netezza models have been put out of service just yet. The key to extending the life of your post-warranty IBM systems without compromising the safety of your data center is knowing in advance which devices will require extended third party maintenance and when. No need to stress, we’ve got it covered! Riverstone offers a free End of Service Life database consisting of an extensive list of the IBM models we support along with their corresponding EOSL date. 

Don’t see your model? Send us a message and we’ll let you know within a few minutes if we support your IBM device. Unplanned downtime is totally avoidable –  be proactive and check out Riverstone’s EOSL database for your IBM Netezza model today!

Choose Riverstone

There are a plethora of reasons over 1500 clients around the world have chosen Riverstone Technology as their post-warranty support provider, but first and foremost we pride ourselves on our exceptional service. Our team of personable solutions providers are experienced in responding to clients’ needs in a timely manner, and work closely with our expert level engineers. These top of the line technicians can be on-site to service your equipment no matter where your data center is located worldwide. With Riverstone, you get real people and reliable service so you never feel like just another customer.

Here’s the bottom line: your IBM Netezza Striper system has a lot of life left, make sure to use it! If you’re ready to make the switch to Riverstone for Netezza post-EOSL support, or simply want to learn more, contact Riverstone Technology by phone at 877-819-6757, or speak to one of our experienced team members live on our website.