Advantages of Third Party Server Support

Advantages of Third Party Server Support

As the major server product manufacturers continue to raise support costs year after year, businesses are increasingly turning to third party providers for a more valuable maintenance alternative. OEMs like Dell, HP, and IBM are preoccupied by innovation and marketing their latest technology. While this makes for top-quality servers, it places support on the back burner. Meanwhile, third party maintenance providers are exclusively in the business of support. Riverstone is dedicated to maximizing uptime and prolonging the useful life of our clients’ current server systems. With 24/7/4 support, Riverstone Recertified parts, and a global team of certified support engineers all at a fraction of the cost of the OEM, there are many fantastic benefits to third party server maintenance from Riverstone Technology.

Tired of unjustified premiums for slow service and inflexible policies? Your support provider should be working to make your life easier, not more complicated. Third party solutions for server support should adapt to your unique budget and IT environment — not the other way around! Here are some reasons to consider third party maintenance for all your server needs:

Savings for the Long Haul

As your company grows, your data center undoubtedly will need to expand along with it. Thus finding high quality hardware and support that doesn’t exhaust your IT budget becomes a huge priority. This is where third party maintenance comes in! Companies who partner with Riverstone save up to 80% on server maintenance and hardware costs in comparison with Dell, HP, or IBM. That’s another 10% more savings on average than other third party maintenance providers can offer. Most importantly, this discount comes at no reduction in the quality of hardware or maintenance received. Allow Riverstone to loosen the strain on your IT budget so you have the funds to grow in the areas of your business where it matters most.

Global Reach

Riverstone understands better than most just how costly high levels of downtime can be. When your site is down, you risk loss of business, and for bigger companies a few minutes of downtime can equate to hundreds of thousands of lost dollars. That’s why we offer the advantage of immediate action. Under our highest service level package we can respond to data center queries with a certified engineer in just 4 hours. With a global network of over 2000 expert level engineers, we can guarantee onsite assistance no matter your location worldwide. That makes for highly responsive service anytime, anywhere. From onsite spare kits to remedy common server malfunctions to 24/7/365 monitoring solutions, we help you keep unexpected downtime at bay. Embrace the power of global IT support and reach out to Riverstone for international third party server support today!

Cross-Platform Support Engineers

It’s unlikely your data center is solely made up of equipment from one manufacturer, so why receive maintenance from someone with training in just one specific brand? Conversely, third party maintenance providers are brand agnostic. They don’t have an allegiance to any one server manufacturer, and so their technicians must have in-depth product knowledge on all things Dell, HP, and IBM. Riverstone’s third party support engineers are skilled in solving a broader range of issues, and thus can offer a more holistic solution for our clients. The cross-platform training our technicians receive gives them an advantage in the field, allowing them to walk into any data center environment and analyze complex, multivendor IT challenges. For well-versed support engineers with the experience to handle any problem your server system might encounter, consider Riverstone Technology. 

Hardware on Demand

Beyond reliable support, third party providers typically also offer certified, pre-owned hardware. Qualified vendors like Riverstone meticulously test their refurbished hardware to deliver affordable controllers, motherboards, CPUs, chassis, racks, SCSI drives, and SATA drives. Our claim of Riverstone Recertified assures that our pre-owned hardware has been reset to its original factory specifications, and then tested in a lab to verify the equipment meets both the OEM’s and Riverstone’s standards. Plus, there’s little risk in making the switch to third party; Riverstone offers one of the best warranties found in the industry with our automatic 1 year Next Business Day Warranty included on all hardware sales. Furthermore, we use smaller warehousing to provide our local field engineers with parts for any server equipment; rather than waiting on hardware to be shipped across the globe from the OEM, we can ensure our clients receive replacement parts quickly from a provider nearest to them. Pre-owned server components from Riverstone deliver the same quality while offering huge savings to your budget.

Partner with Riverstone

Riverstone specializes in affordable support, maintenance, and warranty services for most all major OEM branded servers including Dell, HP, and IBM devices. We’ll work with you to craft a server support solution that’s tailored to your organization’s specific needs. Whether your systems are current, EOL, or EOSL, Riverstone can provide you with quality third party maintenance options to prolong the useful life of your server. 

More than 1500 clients around the world depend on Riverstone Technology to keep their data center business ready at all times. That’s because they know that we value reliability and flexibility above all. Unlike OEMS, we offer a multitude of service level packages meant to adapt to your data center’s specific coverage needs – so you pay the services you want, and not the ones you don’t.

Riverstone wants to help your business reach its full potential. For more information on the server benefits provided by third party maintenance, feel free to call us at 877-819-6757, or speak to one of our experienced team members live on our website.