About Riverstone's Global Network of Certified Engineers

About Riverstone’s Global Network of Certified Engineers

At Riverstone Technology, our global network of certified engineers allows us to provide swift and dependable data center service no matter your location worldwide. We’re big enough to support infrastructure on just about every continent, but also agile and responsive enough to offer the dedicated care of a local provider. Here’s the difference it makes:

A Global Network of Certified, Expert-Level Engineers. 

Rivertone employs and contracts over 2000 engineers throughout most major cities worldwide in an effort to meet our customers where they’re at quickly and efficiently. We only work with certified, high-level engineers with extensive, direct OEM experience. In fact, our engineers actually come from the same pool as the OEM’s, so you know their skillsets and knowledge are simply unparalleled!  

Riverstone operates throughout North America, EMEA, APAC, and Latin America to serve 4000+ customers. And with strategic offices in 20 countries (US, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, New Zealand, United Kingdom to name a few), 1200+ secure stocking locations, and access to 2000+ certified engineers, our vast network ensures no matter where you’re located or what problem your equipment encounters, we’ve got you covered. 

How Global Delivery & Support Works

At Riverstone, we’re very proud to be able to offer our clients the added advantage of locally available replacement parts. With over 1200 secure stocking locations (SSLs) globally and on-site spare kits available under each of our SLAs, we’re able to keep customers covered even during the most time-sensitive equipment malfunctions. How?

By utilizing smaller warehousing we’re able to cut down the transit time for parts delivery, making spares more readily available exactly when and where they are needed. These SSLs are dispersed across a plethora of major hubs worldwide, so you can rest easy knowing a replacement part is always stocked within 50 miles of your data center. In the unlikely event of a system failure, this global mobility helps ensure clients quickly receive spares from the nearest parts depot, rather than waiting on the manufacturer to ship equipment from another country, or worse another continent.

From most to least responsive, our service level agreements include 24x7x4, 24x7xNBD, 8x5xNBD, and Parts Only. So whether you require 24/7/365 monitoring with a maximum 4 hour on-site response time, or simply parts as needed, Riverstone’s global network of engineers will be there for you. 

Specialized Training, Unbiased Opinions 

Unfortunately, not all data center problems are as simple as replacing a failed drive. So when faced with complicated, multi-system problems, you need engineers who truly understand your technology inside and out. But that’s exactly where Riverstone’s engineers thrive! Third party maintenance engineers were initially OEM-trained, and are now brand agnostic – meaning you get the best of both worlds between specialization and broad application. Without an allegiance to any one manufacturer’s products, our technicians must be well-versed on most all major OEM-branded equipment.

As data centers become increasingly generalized, engineers are finding advantages to being well-versed on a broad spectrum of data center protocols and equipment. The multiplatform training that Riverstone’s engineers receive does just that, enabling them to walk into any data center environment and accurately analyze complex, multi vendor challenges. Furthermore, because our technicians are skilled at solving a broader range of issues, we like to think we’re able to offer up more holistic solutions to our clients. 

We Offer the Same Expertise – Minus the Markup

Did you ever consider that Riverstone’s engineers may be the very same engineers the OEMs employ? Yes! Though it may come as a surprise, most manufacturers outsource their field service to a third party organization anyways. Why? 

Recall that OEMs are in the business of developing and selling new technology, not continuing to maintain an asset after the sale. Thus, manufacturers often farm out a majority of their break/fix issues to contract engineers in an effort to keep costs down. So in many cases, third party support providers employ the very same field engineers as one would get when buying OEM support. Put simply, you may not always be receiving service from an OEM-exclusive engineer yet you’re still paying the OEM’s premium rate! Is that what you want?

Riverstone Technology: The Best of Both Worlds

Most clients believe their maintenance options boil down to one of two things. One, they can select the OEM and settle for exorbitant rates on what is trustworthy support. Or two, they can go with a low-cost third party maintenance provider that sacrifices quality to undercut the manufacturer on price. At Riverstone, we represent a third alternative: the opportunity to save 40% to 80% on data center hardware/support, without making sacrifices on the quality of our service or the experience of our engineers. With a sole focus on the support operations side of the industry, Riverstone Technology is much better equipped than any manufacturer to get company IT up and running in real-time. Give us a call today at 877-819-6757 or send us a message, and let us show you what we’re made of.