About Riverstone Technology: Who We Are

About Riverstone Technology: Who We Are

At Riverstone Technology we help companies save money in and around their data center, specifically in the areas of storage, server, and network assets. 

Meet Riverstone

Headquartered in Atlanta, Riverstone Technology is a global provider of third party support services. Best explained on our company blog, third party support is an alternative to traditional OEM (original equipment manufacturer) services provided by a non-OEM company. Third party support brings competition to the support market, which was previously monopolized by OEMs. By offering greater choices and flexibility, third party maintenance providers are helping to drive innovation, lower costs, and enable consumers to break free from rigid OEM upgrade cycles.

Since 2012, Riverstone’s IT Support and Hardware Services have helped organizations of all sizes and across all industries extend the life of their data center assets. Our value proposition centers around being more affordable than competitors without sacrificing the expert-level support typically only received from OEMs. With strategic offices and depots in 20 countries, over 120 parts depots, and access to thousands of certified engineers, Riverstones strives to be a true partner to your business. 

  • Our mission: to bring optimized alternative solutions to ever growing data center needs.
  • Our vision: to build and maintain an entire network to offer data center solutions to every business, in every location. 

Major Brands We Support

No matter the brand, Riverstone has a solution for your data center. Our certified engineers have extensive experience and in-depth product knowledge across multiple manufacturers. With a strong grasp on the unique strengths and weaknesses of each brand’s devices, they have helped over 1500 organizations solve a broad range of IT complications. Riverstone offers flexible hardware solutions for most all major OEM branded devices including:

Our Services

Riverstone offers a wide selection of services, all of which are designed to solve problems surrounding hardware and support within your data center. The general theme among these offerings is maximizing uptime while reducing costs for our customers. With our three main services, we pride ourselves on transforming how companies today manage, maintain, and upgrade data center equipment within multi-vendor IT environments. 

1. Third Party Maintenance

We help customers in three different ways, the first (and our primary focus) being third party maintenance solutions on current, EOL, or EOSL equipment. When hardware reaches End of Service Life or simply the end of its initial OEM contract, we can seamlessly pick it up and extend support at a much lower cost. Your support provider should adapt to the unique needs of your business, not the other way around. At Riverstone, we get that. That’s why we offer 4 levels of flexible support to choose from. So whether you require 24/7/365 monitoring with a 4 hour maximum response time, or simply parts as needed, Riverstone has the support plan for your business:

  • Level 1 Support: 24x7x4
  • Level 2 Support: 24x7xNBD
  • Level 3 Support: 8x5xNBD
  • Level 4 Support: Parts Only

2. Hardware Services

Riverstone’s second service is providing re-certified, refurbished hardware. Our lease agreements allow us to bring equipment in-house, test it, wipe it, and reset it back to factory specs. This typically saves customers about 80% from buying new. By utilizing re-certified, refurbished hardware, clients reduce infrastructure costs for those non-mission critical environments, such as backup, disaster recovery, and replication. If you’re in the process of expanding or adding more systems to your environment, consider Riverstone to get equipment at a much lower cost. 

Furthermore, our claim of “Riverstone Recertified” ensures that our pre-owned hardware has been reset to its original factory specifications, and then tested to verify the equipment meets the manufacturer’s standards. You shouldn’t have to wait for another budget year to add the equipment you need now due to rising OEM pricing. Don’t buy into the hype that you have to buy direct from the manufacturer and give us a call today.

3. Equipment Buyback

As organizations migrate their data from older equipment to newer infrastructure or cloud providers, IT directors struggle with knowing what to do with outdated systems. This is where Riverstone can step in and buy back the equipment at its current market value, giving you cash in exchange for any equipment you’re decommissioning or disposing of. This is a much more productive alternative to recycling or trashing equipment upon transitioning from on-premise to the cloud. Not all equipment may be worth purchasing, but items are looked at and evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Consider our IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) service to minimize waste in your data center, while helping to increase the flexibility and functionality of your budget.

Our Commitment to You

As a global leader in third party maintenance and re-certified refurbished hardware solutions, Riverstone values flexibility and reliability above all else. We’ll work with you to discover the issue at hand, review your options, and discuss the best course of action based on your organization’s unique budget and timeline.

At the end of the day, our business centers around seeing your company succeed. We take care of data center maintenance and upkeep so you can focus on saving money and growing your business. More than 1500 clients around the world trust Riverstone Technology to keep their data center business optimized at all times. That’s because with us you get real people and our undivided attention, so you never feel like just another customer. To learn more about Riverstone, our team, or our wide selection of services, please give us a call at (877) 819-6757 or chat live with a team member on our website.