8 Ways to Leverage Third Party Maintenance Within Your IT Strategy

8 Ways to Leverage Third Party Maintenance Within Your IT Strategy

Third party maintenance (TPM) is a well-kept secret of many successful IT departments. Sure, at the heart of TPM is a simple desire to save money on support. But there’s actually a whole lot more to it than that! From repurposing existing equipment for a disaster recovery solution to alleviating cloud migration difficulties with a short-term service agreement, there are a plethora of ways in which your organization could benefit from leveraging TPM. In this post, we’ll cover the 8 most-common scenarios:

#1: Repurpose Older Systems as Backup or Disaster Recovery Solutions

Don’t throw out that expensive piece of equipment ― repurpose it and allow our team to protect it for you at a fraction of the cost you’ve been paying the OEM! Consider reallocating equipment internally by transitioning older hardware into a disaster recovery or data backup solution. Our knowledgeable team of engineers can guide you through this process, and then support that infrastructure for 40-80% less than what you were initially paying the manufacturer each year:  

“Riverstone’s 8x5xNBD support has allowed us to repurpose our older Nimble system to build out an affordable disaster recovery solution.” – IT Manager, Environmental Services, Seattle, WA

#2: Short-Term Coverage to Help Facilitate the Cloud Migration Process

As organizations increasingly adopt cloud-based infrastructure, be mindful that any temporary storages for your data during the migration process must be as secure as the end destination. With rigid SLAs and the “shortest” available agreement term being 12 months in duration, OEMs make temporary coverage near impossible. And while you’re deciphering how to achieve an 8 month migration without paying for a whole year’s support, OEMs are more interested in securing a refresh than finding ways to make your life easier. That ends now.

Riverstone can provide a flexible and affordable safety net of support while you focus on implementing a successful cloud migration. We can seamlessly pick up support during the transition to ease disruption and ensure continuity of services. Best of all, our service agreements start at just one month, to ensure the provision of support no matter how small the gap in coverage. And we have the flexibility to work within our clients’ schedules and around any unique requirements.

#3: Improve Cash Flow with Equipment Buyback Services

Can you rationalize the need for every piece of hardware within your data center? Probably not! With Riverstone’s Equipment Buyback program, we’ll step in and purchase your used equipment at its current market value. This means we give you cash in exchange for any equipment you’re decommissioning or disposing of. This is a much more productive alternative to recycling or trashing equipment that’s no longer needed. You can then use this cash towards more pressing IT priorities, such as hardware upgrades, maintenance costs, or security initiatives.

#4: Arm IT with Better Options in Terms of Onsite Spares

Having spares on-site and ready to take over should any malfunction occur provides unrivaled peace of mind. But here’s the issue: how can you maintain multiple spares if you’re going with that expensive, brand-new OEM hardware solution? You really can’t, unless you somehow have an unlimited IT budget. However, if you opt for recertified hardware at its reduced price, you provide yourself with much better options on standby when it comes to hot, swappable spares. At Riverstone, affordable on-site spares are available under each and every one of our coverage levels.

#5: Avoid Paying the OEM Backlog Pay for Unsupported Time

Unlike many original equipment manufacturers, Riverstone doesn’t charge clients for unsupported time. Our support starts the day your contract is scheduled to begin, and ends whenever you so choose! Conversely, if you permit a lapse in coverage with the OEM but then seek out their support later down the road, there’s a good chance they’ll have to charge you for that past period of unsupported time. Take it from one Riverstone client:

“The only way Dell would provide support for our two tape libraries is if we provided a year of backlog pay dating back to April 2020. It just didn’t make sense to pay for a past year of unsupported time. With Riverstone, not only is the yearly support rate more affordable, we were able to avoid paying about $2000 for that year of backlog.”  – Infrastructure Engineer, Oil & Energy, Alberta, Canada

#6: Escape OEM-Controlled Refresh Cycles – Upgrade Equipment Only When Necessary

In a perfect world, you secure that shiny new storage array and still have leftover funds to implement strategic developments. But let’s face it, money is tight right now. And replacing essential infrastructure in accordance with your manufacturer’s 3 to 5 year product lifecycle policy will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. So unless mission-critical infrastructure is in dire need of an upgrade, you shouldn’t be acquiring any new capital investments. Wouldn’t it be nice to refresh equipment on your own terms, and not when the OEM is forcing you to? With third party maintenance, upgrades are based around equipment’s current performance and your organization’s financials – NOT the manufacturer’s bottom line.

#7: Saving Money on IT Support Allows you to Reinvest Elsewhere

Do we even need to provide an explanation for this one? Offering savings of 40-90% from yearly OEM maintenance agreements, there’s no limit to what IT could accomplish with the additional resources: 

“The savings we’ve achieved from utilizing Riverstone’s third party support services has allowed us to expand hardware in different areas – like production upgrades for memory and compute – so we’re not spending it all on support resources.” – VP of IT and Distribution, Consumer Goods, Carthage, MO

#8: Establish More Time to Make EOSL-Induced Financial Decisions

Whether you plan to decommission, refresh, or migrate to cloud come EOSL, it’s not a decision to be made lightly. So in the event you’ve run out of time to properly do so, consider extending that timeline with post-warranty support. Riverstone’s short-term service agreements start at just one month to ensure the provision of coverage no matter how small the gap in coverage. So while you wrestle with the financial decision making, you’ll be at ease knowing our capable support team has your EOSL equipment covered. Need 3 months of coverage to make a decision? We can do that! Need 2 years? We can do that too! We’ll work with you to ensure the transition from direct-manufacturer support to third-party is a smooth and carefree experience:

“When our HPE Nimble arrays hit EOL, we needed more time to strategize and decide what our next steps should be. Riverstone’s post-warranty support allowed us to do just that, providing 2 more years to financially prepare for a hardware upgrade.” – Lead Information Technology Specialist, Financial Services, Alexandria, VA

#9: Only Pay for the Coverage You Actually Require

It doesn’t make fiscal sense to secure 24x7x4 support on a straightforward backup or recovery solution. But often, such rigid terms are the only way a manufacturer will provide support on their product. At Riverstone, we believe our clients should only have to pay for what they actually need. That’s why we’ve designed our support packages to give customers greater control over maintenance spend and support provisions. Not only do you choose from a wide-range of service level agreements, we also allow clients to define these SLAs and coverage periods on a per-asset basis. So whether you require 24/7/365 monitoring with 4hr on-site response, or simply parts as needed, you’ll get the coverage you need without having to spend on the features you don’t.

Weed Out Inefficiencies Within Your IT Strategy: Choose Riverstone

Looking to leverage one of these strategies within your current IT strategy? Riverstone Technology has the knowledge, experience, and resources to help you do so! We’re here to make your life easier, so simply give us a call at (877) 819-6757 today and see how third party maintenance can weed out inefficiencies and revolutionize your data center.