5 Reasons to Choose Riverstone for Nimble Storage Third Party Maintenance

5 Reasons To Choose Riverstone For Nimble Third Party Maintenance

Choosing a support provider for your Nimble Storage equipment, whether it be the OEM or a third party vendor, is one of the biggest decisions you can make for your data center. If your Nimble Storage CS-Series Array device was deemed End of Service Life (EOSL) six months ago, you’ve either been willingly operating without support or didn’t even realize you’ve had a lapse in coverage. Both alternatives can be detrimental to the success of your data center. Don’t let an unexpected lapse in coverage leave you at risk for unplanned downtime, or worse, data loss. The time is now! Riverstone Technology can provide third party maintenance even after Nimble has permanently withdrawn all active support and updates. 

Keep in mind, not all Nimble third party maintenance providers bring the same advantageous features to the table. At Riverstone, we recognize your EOSL device still has a lot of life left, and we’re highly experienced in prolonging the useful life of functional Nimble equipment. Consider these 5 reasons clients continue to turn to Riverstone for high quality, dependable Nimble third party maintenance:

1. Accelerated Response Times

Your mission critical systems depend on maximizing uptime. By developing partnerships with engineers around the world, Riverstone offers the unique advantage of immediate action. With a global network of over 2000 expert level engineers, we can guarantee onsite assistance no matter your location worldwide. Under our most attentive service level package, we are able to respond to data center queries with onsite assistance in under 4 hours. Another advantage to our global partnerships is the speed with which we can deliver replacement parts; rather than waiting on Nimble hardware to be shipped across the globe from the manufacturer, we can ensure you receive equipment quickly from a provider nearest to your data center. Choose Riverstone Technology for unparalleled Nimble third party maintenance anytime, anywhere.

2. One Contract, One Contact

As your company continues to grow, your data center grows and diversifies with it. As this happens, you may have purchased data center equipment from a few different manufacturers. This is why Riverstone offers co-term support solutions. “Co-term,” refers to combining different devices, services, or products into a single contract. This allows our clients to consolidate all their devices onto one contract regardless of differing manufacturers and warranty periods. Whereas OEMs have costly, time-consuming practices requiring customers to structure and maintain a separate contract with each manufacturer, our simplified process streamlines business to promote growth. That’s one contract and one contact for all your data center needs!

3. Experienced Technicians

Unless your data center is made up of entirely Nimble equipment, you’ll want a third party support provider who employs engineers with in-depth product knowledge across multiple manufacturers. At Riverstone Technology, our certified engineers are skilled in solving a broad range of issues, and can offer a more holistic solution for data center concerns than Nimble themselves. The cross-platform training Riverstone engineers receive gives them an advantage in the field, allowing them to walk into any data center environment and analyze complex, multivendor IT challenges. Consider Riverstone for a brand agnostic provider skilled in flexible maintenance, support, and warranty services for most all major OEM branded devices.

4. Customizable Support

Your data center is complex. Not all equipment will require 24×7 monitoring with a four hour response window, while some systems need a bit more than just NBD parts. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to support, which is why flexible support agreements are among the top benefits of third party maintenance. Riverstone’s range of service level packages ensure our business can adapt to your company’s specific needs — not the other way around. We offer four tiers of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to choose from, that are easily customizable to align with shifting data center needs. From monitoring your data center 24×7 with a 4 hour maximum response time to simply providing parts as needed, our third party maintenance plans are flexible and customizable so your company can get the tailored coverage it needs to succeed!

5. Cost Saving Benefits

Riverstone understands better than most the pressure involved in balancing growing data center needs with a limited budget. Companies that partner with Riverstone Technology save up to 80% on support compared with OEMs like NetApp — that’s another 10% more than companies typically save with other third party maintenance providers. Most importantly, this discount comes at no sacrifice in the quality of hardware or support our clients receive. For a more affordable alternative to Nimble’s unreasonable support rates, contact our team at Riverstone Technology today.

Riverstone: Who We Are

Riverstone is more than just another third party support provider. Our business centers around seeing your business succeed, and we do so by ensuring your data center is operating at maximum efficiency at all times. With us you get real people and reliable service, so you never feel like just another customer. 

If you’re seeking a support provider that can offer customizable SLAs, co-term support contracts, OEM-level product knowledge, and global reach, all while saving you around 10% more than other third party providers, consider reaching out to our team at Riverstone Technology today. For more information on Nimble third party maintenance from Riverstone, or to secure Nimble CS post-EOSL coverage, please contact us by phone at 877-819-6757 or speak with one of our experienced team members live on our website.