3 Benefits of Dell Third Party Maintenance

3 Benefits of Dell Third Party Maintenance

Let us paint you a picture: a customer purchases a server, storage device, or perhaps a network switch from Dell. They turn to Dell for support for the first few years simply by default. Now, 4 – 6 years later, they’re suddenly trapped in a prohibitively expensive hardware refresh cycle as continued coverage gets to be so costly it somehow makes more financial sense to completely upgrade equipment models. This deceptive and unfortunately common scenario is how big corporations like Dell turn a profit. 

Despite realizing this, most large enterprises and many small to mid-sized organizations feel compelled to turn to the original manufacturer of their hardware for support services too. But why continue to pay big tech rates when you could receive the same quality support for less? If you’re one of many companies that continue to fall back on Dell for support and warranty services, we urge you to consider what you’re giving up by sticking with the OEM. Keep reading to discover 3 benefits of Dell third party maintenance you may be missing out on! 

Benefit #1: Reduce Overall Maintenance Spend

As data continues to grow at phenomenal rates, so does the IT infrastructure required to host it. And although IT budgets have been increasing along with this growth, IT directors are expected to make that cash stretch further than ever before. But no matter how much more money is allocated each year, the vast majority of an IT budget goes towards maintaining existing assets. Fortunately, there’s a solution. 

Third party maintenance services provide an extremely cost effective alternative to manufacturer offerings. Providing a very similar level of service and support, third party maintenance contracts are typically 40% – 70% less than the Dell equivalent. Don’t think it can get better? Companies that partner with Riverstone save up to 80% on support and hardware in comparison with Dell. That’s 10% more on average than other third party providers can offer. With savings this big, your organization could finally achieve the budgetary flexibility needed to fund new strategic initiatives.

Benefit #2: No End of Service Life

If you’ve worked with an OEM like Dell before, you understand the term “EOSL” well. EOSL stands for End of Service Life, and marks the date on which an OEM formally withdraws all support on “outdated” models of equipment. But if your Dell storage, server, or networking system is still operating efficiently, why prematurely interrupt that with a costly upgrade? 

With Dell third party maintenance, support doesn’t come with an expiration date. Third party maintenance providers like Riverstone are OEM neutral, meaning we don’t have an allegiance to any one manufacturer’s products. Our only objective is to keep equipment functional for as long as possible to ensure you’re achieving the maximum possible ROI. In most cases, this works to extend the useful life of Dell equipment by anywhere from 5 – 10 years, thus reducing TCO and generating a greater ROI. At Riverstone, we are happy to help clients keep their Dell hardware in service and operating at peak performance for as long as needed. Consider Dell third party maintenance for extended support solutions that free you from burdensome EOSL dates.  

Benefit #3: Rapid Parts Availability

Third party providers offer Next Business Day (NBD) parts and on-site spare kits to keep you covered during time-sensitive equipment malfunctions. Riverstone has one of the best warranties you can find in the industry with our automatic 1 year NBD guarantee included on all hardware sales. We also provide on-site spare kits containing a selection of higher fail rate parts like chassis, RAID cards, and disk drives. By maintaining on-site spares, you guarantee any potential issue is fixed rapidly. 

Beyond spare kits and NBD parts, Dell third party maintenance offers the benefit of locally available replacement parts. By utilizing smaller warehousing, third party vendors are able to have a plethora of stocks in various geographic locations around the world. In the event of a system failure, clients can receive replacements from the nearest parts depot rather than waiting on Dell to ship parts from across the globe. This becomes incredibly useful upon the realization that unexpected downtime can cost businesses thousands to even millions of dollars for every minute of outage. For more responsive support when it matters most, consider Dell third party maintenance.

Core Capabilities to Look Out For:

With Dell rapidly increasing support costs each year, there’s never been a better time to consider third party maintenance. Keep in mind, not all third party maintenance providers can offer the same valuable amenities. If you’re ready to make the switch from Dell to third party support, here are some core capabilities you should look out for:

  • 4-Hour On-site Response
  • Certified, High-level Engineers
  • 24×7 Technical Support Help Desk
  • Co-term Support; consolidate all devices onto one contract regardless of differing manufacturers or warranty periods
  • Global Delivery & Support – vast network of technicians to service your equipment no matter the location worldwide
  • Flexible Service Level Agreements – choose from a range of easily customizable SLAs

Riverstone Technology can provide your business with each of these offerings and more. With 24/7/4hr support, locally available parts, certified engineers, on-site spare kits, and flexible support packages, we are a highly qualified choice for third party maintenance. Best of all, our tailored support solutions save customers up to 80% in comparison with manufacturer offerings. We offer a wide range of services for your Dell equipment so contact us today at 877-819-6757 and we’ll walk you through the options that may best fit your organization.